Pokemon GO Update Blocks Rooted devices and Brings Support for Pokemon GO Plus and More


Pokemon GO, it goes without saying, is the most downloaded mobile game on Android and iOS platforms. It has shattered every previous download record within a few months of its launch. But even this staggering success could stem the decline in user base, slow down in new installs, and ever depleting user data everyday. Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon GO, are aware of this situation and has taken some steps to arrest the situation before it spirals out of hands. Niantic has brought many new changes in the latest Pokemon GO v0.37.0 version to clutch on to its existing user base, for iOS devices latest update is v1.7.0. Some new features such as Buddy Pokemon, support for Pokemon GO Plus have been added to the mix. Here is what’s more you can expect in the latest update.

Jailbroken and Rooted Devices Will No longer be able to Play Pokemon GO

Beside some of the new addition which we mentioned above, the most significant rather worrying development involves Niantic’s decision to completely cut off support for Jailbroken iOS devices and Rooted Android devices. You will no longer be able to play official version of the Pokemon GO on Rooted or Jailbroken devices. But this doesn’t mean you there is no way around it. See our guide on how to play Pokemon GO modded apk version with anti-ban features but it is only for rooted/un-rooted Android devices, jailbroken iOS devices are out of luck.

Here is some other new addition in the latest Pokemon GO updated version:

  • Implemented Pokémon Appraisal: Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokémon’s attack and defense capabilities from their Team Leader (Candela, Blanche, or Spark) to determine which of their Pokémon have the most potential for battle.
  • Fixed a bug that kept defeated Pokémon at 1HP; these Pokémon will now return as fainted Pokémon. We’re working on rebalancing the training battle, stay tuned.
  • Minor bot fixes
  • Buddy Pokemon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokemon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokemon by walking a certain distance.
  • Pokemon GO Plus Support.
  • Make it easier to select smaller Pokemon on the screen.
  • Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hand or stop updating.
  • Minor Text fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.

These new changes are mainly focused at curbing the use of cheating and hacked version of the game. Although it is not possible to completely arrest the use of cheating methods and hacks tricks but at least Niantic seems committed to the cause as is evident in every new update.

New update also brings support for Pokemon GO Plus which will help players in locating Pokestops and rare Pokemon. Pokemon GO plus accessory wad announced back in June and will be available for sale from September 16. Expect another surge in Pokemon GO download after the arrival of this little accessory.


Another new feature which is worth mentioning is Buddy Pokemon. As the name suggests, players will now be able to choose their playing partners in the form of Pokemon Buddy companion. You can choose any Pokemon to be your buddy meaning to be by your side. You can exchange these buddies for another Pokemon as and when the need arises. After selecting Buddy Pokemon, player will be rewarded with candy.

Many new changes will definitely interest players, but one downside of this new update is the end of the support for jailbroken and rooted devices. Those who were planning to download this latest update on jailbroken or rooted devices may want to hold on and skip this update altogether.

What are your thoughts about these new changes in Pokemon GO? Share your views in the comments section below.


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