Pokemon GO Plus Is Released: Here’s How It Works


Here comes the big release related to Pokemon GO that every Pokemaster had been anxiously waiting for. Niantic CEO John Hanke announced earlier that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory will be released on September 16. According to the official release date as shown on official Pokemon GO web page, Pokemon GO Plus is all set to be made available for public sale from 16th of September.

If you look at the official Pokemon GO website, it clearly states that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory will launch in most of the country on Sept. 16. However, exact locations where the accessory will be released is not mentioned. But the post does go on to give a passing reference that Pokemon GO Plus is all set to be out everywhere except some South America countries, where the Pokemon GO Plus will arrive later this year.

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory will allow players to continue to play the mobile Pokemon GO app without having to carry the phone in their hands. It will alert players when the nearest PokeStop arrives, and when a Pokemon appears. To collect items from PokeSops and capture Pokemon, all you need to do is to push the button on the accessory. After buying this device, you don’t need to have your phone in hands.

Pokemon GO Plus is designed to afford convenience to players since carrying phones outside in rain or shine isn’t always practical. However, there is one thing which remains unclear about how Pokemon GO Plus will function along with the mobile device. Does your mobile screen need to be ON for using Pokemon GO Plus?

As per Serebii, here are the requirements to use the Pokemon GO Plus accessory:

Android users must be running Android 4.4 – 6 with the following devices confirmed to be able to use the Pokemon GO Plus:

Galaxy A8 SCV32, AQUOS Xx2, TORQUE G02 KYV35, AQUOS Xx3 506SH, Xperia Z5 Compact SO-02H, Galaxy Active neo SC-01H, Galaxy Note Edge, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 (XT1100), Nexus 6P(Softbank), Xperia Z3 SO-01G, Qua Phone KYV37, Xperia Z2 SO-03F

iOS users need to have iOS 8/9 or higher installed on their devices with 2GB of RAM. The iPhone 5 and newer devices are the only Apple smartphones with which Pokemon GO Plus can be used.

Users of Android or iOS devices not mentioned above may be able to use Pokemon GO Plus if they meet the requirements, but it is not guaranteed. Pokemon GO is also coming to Apple Watch.

So what are your thoughts about the Pokemon GO Plus? Are you buying one? Share your view in the comments section below.

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