Pokemon GO Gen 2 Leaked Details Point To Official Release Data & 100 New Pokemon

pokemon go gen 2 release data, features and changes

Ninantic is preparing first major update of its blockbuster smash hit mobile game Pokemon GO, which has already received multiple gaming awards this year for the best game. Details of the upcoming Pokemon GO 2nd Generations have been leaked accidentally. Next Pokemon GO version may be called Pokemon GO Gen 2. We’ve managed to grab latest Pokemon GO Gen 2 leaked images about the upcoming features, including the release date. Here’s is what we are going to get in Pokemon GO Gen 2 update.

Leaks about Pokemon GO’s next update, which is first major update that promises to bring most feature packed changes for its players. Only recently a Starbucks employee leaked details about the upcoming Pokemon GO Gen 2 alleging that the in the new update Generation 2 creatures and Pokemon will make their debut. And today’s leak seems to have confirmed that the rumors are not entirely unfounded. Ironically, previous leak has been confirmed by this latest Pokemon GO Gen 2 leak, which was posted on the official Starbucks website. What’s with Starbucks and Pokemon GO leaks? We don’t know as most recent leaks appear to have been linked with Starbucks one way or the other.

Launch of the Most Featured Packed Update of Pokemon GO is Coming Your Way, As the Latest Pokemon GO Gen 2 Leak Shows Tons of New Features

If you thought Pokemon GO has gone stale lately with nothing new to offer, which is understandable since the hype created by the initial launch catapulted expectation to stratosphere, then you’re in for a treat because in the upcoming first major Pokemon GO update, a flurry of new features and changes are heading your way.

The latest Pokemon GO Gen 2 leak made its way onto Starbucks official website when the company was making changes to its content to inform visitors about the events being held at different Starbucks locations throughout the United States. Details of events show that with Pokemon GO update releasing on December 8, Starbucks will turn its locations into Gyms and PokeStops. A steps which Niantic and Starbucks seems to have collaborated on.

Not all Starbucks stores are part of the new event. As part of the update Pokemon GO update promotion, Starbucks will offer promotional Pokemon GO Frappuccino, which coffee lovers are sure to get interested in trying.

100 New Pokemon Being Tipped for Pokemon GO v2

Moreover, Silph Road took great pains to dig deep into the Pokemon GO source code and have unearthed a startling revelation that soon PokeMaster around the globe will be able to play with a hundred new Pokemon types. Although, it hasn’t been confirmed yet by Niantic, and could only be available in the official Pokemon GO version 2 update. Until then, we are expecting Niantic to stay with current trend of pushing minor changes here and there before unleashing the full Pokemon GO Gen 2 update.

There’s also a reference to a new Transform Battle mode in Pokemon GO. What this means is Pokemon named Ditto can use its ability to mutate into any Pokemon it’s battling against. Its worth pointing that Ditto Pokemon hasn’t been discovered yet, but its abilities are surely attractive.

The Starbucks Bungling Act

On the other hand it appears latest Pokemon GO Gen 2 leaks were not supposed to appear online, its likely that Starbucks made a mistake while updating its website and along with it posted new changes coming in Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. Pokemon GO’s 100 new Pokemon and its apparent confirmation in the leaked images show interesting days ahead for Pokemon GO players.

pokemon go gen 2 leaked images

pokemon go gen 2 leaked features

As usual, Niantic will make official announcement regarding the new Pokemon GO Gen 2 changes and features. As soon as that happens, you’ll get to hear about it here first.

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