Pokemon GO for PC Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1 / MAC

how to play pokemon go on pc guide

Just in case if you are wondering, yes, it is possible to download, install and play Pokemon GO on PC. Here, in this guide, we are going to show a fully working method of how to download and install Pokemon GO for PC on desktop PC/laptop running on Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1 & Mac OS / macOS Sierra. After installing Pokemon Go on Desktop PC/laptop, you won’t need to run around in the neighborhood, or worrying about missing out on nearby Pokemon while doing some work on PC at home, college, or office. You no longer need to visit virtual Pokestop, gyms or other places in Pokemon GO’s augmented reality setting for catching the Pokemon you are after, because all your Pokemon GO related worries have been addressed with the release of Pokemon GO for PC.

Just like in the mobile version, Pokemon GO for PC has all the same features where players have to run around to visit places in search of Pokemon, catch Pokemon to earn XP, rewards and unlocks from different places that require travelling to a nearby location or far in order to capture Pokemon, there are also group battles in Pokemon GO for PC just like in the mobile version, you can collaborate with friends in order to search for legendary Pokemon or exchange Pokemon with friends. You can do all that and more from your PC without needing to travel long distances in rain or shine.

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Download and install Pokemon GO for PC to find and catch Pokemon easily that are spawning in real-time around your place. Get your virtual PokeMaster ready in the game, and travel outside in a virtual world but by sitting in front of a PC or laptop to control your virtual Pokemon GO avatar. Join teams and battle it out for the crown of the best team around. In the guide below we are going to show you how to download and install Pokemon GO for PC on desktop, laptop, or tablet running on Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/XP and Mac OS X/macOS Sierra operating systems.

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How To Download And Install Pokemon GO On Desktop PC/Laptop:

Follow step-by-step guide to learn how to install and setup Pokemon GO on PC to play and control the game from desktop/laptop.

1 – First of all Download BlueStacks here and install it on PC Windows or MAC, if haven’t already done so.

2 – Launch BlueStacks Emulator tool on PC.

3 – Download and install Kingsroot app on BlueStacks.

4 – After installing, click Try it and after that, click optimize option.

5 – Next, right-click the Setting icon and select Restart Android option.

6 – Wait for it to install and do not reboot the system.

7 – Download the Fakegps APK file, open it and select Install as System App.

8 – After that, open the folder named BstSharefolder which should be located at the top.

9 – Now, Select SD Card and then Windows or Mac, depending on the device your are using for this process.

10 – Open Lucky Patcher and click Rebuild and Install at the bottom.

11 – Click the Folder Icon in BlueStacks and search FakeGPS.apk file and select it.

12 – Now, install / add Lucky Patcher to BlueStacks tool.

13 – Click Allow/Grant if prompted.

14 – Then, click Install / Rebuild on the bottom to check it works.

15 – Install Pokemon GO.

16 – Open Lucky patch, click Filter button.

17 – Now select Sort as System Apps.

18 – Open FakeGPS.

19 – Go to FakeGPS settings and ensure Expert Mode is enabled.

20 – Here, make sure that Location service/GPS on your Windows or MAC is also enabled.

21 – Run FakeGPS from Lucky Patcher and Search for the location where you wish to find the Pokemon.

22 – Now launch Pokemon GO and wait for it to open. Don’t do anything when the app is opening and Failed to detect location message disappears.

23 – After that your character in the game will be show right on the location you had set in the FakeGPS location.

24 – Now change the location to see your character walk/run on the virtual reality screen on PC.

25 – That’s all.

You can ask friends for locations where Pokemon are spawning, and enter that location using the process above to land directly on that place to collect Pokemon. If you are facing problem, contact for assistance in the comments section below.

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