Pokemon GO For Nintendo Switch Could Be On Its Way Soon

pokemon for nintendo switch coming soon

Nintendo’s upcoming gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, could be getting its very own Pokemon GO full game version, according to latest reports. Nintendo Switch gaming devices is one of the most eagerly awaited consoles. Based on information circulating gaming industry, a full Pokemon game could be on its way to Nintendo Switch. Well, to be precise Pokemon Sun and Moon version is being tipped to land on Nintendo Switch gaming device.

The sources from Eurogamer are saying that the Pokemon version for Nintendo Switch will mirror, or at least in parts resemble, Pearl, Diamond, Yellow, Red, and Blue iterations. Codename of current version is Stars. As you would be familiar by now that both Yellow and Pearl were akin to their predecessors, but with some new features like Pikachu companion, revamped legendary class pocket monsters and more.

According to Eurogamer, the development work on ‘Stars’ came to halt as the Game Freak team was giving final touches to ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’, but since the latter has been released, the work on the for the former has commenced once again. As you might have guessed from the process, this porting process of Pokemon for Nintendo Switch will be far from straightforward.

Further, its being suggested, that the game will have high-resolution graphics along with some new features that are not current available in the 3DS versions. Moreover, players will be given the opportunity to trade Pokemon creatures between the handheld device and the console version of Pokemon for Nintendo. Also, expect some new Pokemon types to feature in ‘stars’ that are otherwise unavailable in ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’.

The Pokemon game is designed mainly for handheld devices that are suitable for playing augmented reality games, and for trading and challenging friends on the move. As you saw from the image of the leaked Nintendo Switch device in the link above, it appears to be a portable device, so porting Pokemon onto Nintendo Switch shouldn’t be that difficult.

Although, Nintendo Switch is rumored to be releasing in March 2017, but reports from Eurogamers are of the view that the ‘Stars’ won’t be available until late 2017. What are your thoughts on this great news? Share in the comments below.

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