Plex Media Player With Official Kodi Add-On Is Available For Free Download

kodi add on launched for plex media player

Plex and Kodi are two of the most popular media players around. According to he latest announcement made by Plex, you can now use Kodi’s services from Plex Media Player without leaving the app. This news will surely delight users of Plex and Kodi media players. With Kodi add-on enabled on Plex, you can access features of the official Kodi software tool on your device even if you don’t Kodi app installed, but for that you will need to have Plex Media player installed on your device.

This Kodi and Plex integration has made it possible for users to enjoy the benefits of Kodi’s many configuration services as well as Plex Media Player’s features with fast streaming functions. However, for the time being, this Kodi add-on for Plex is available for paid Plex subscribers. Users of free Plex service will be able to use Kodi-on feature in future updates. This is a normal trend with Plex who launches any new services first for the users who have subscribed to its paid premium services and then releases the same feature for free users after some time.

plex for kodi with add on and free service launch

After installing Plex for Kodi, you will get unblocked access to the complete library of Plex content with the same features, options and services available on other devices with support for Plex app and are capable of playing media content such as Xbox One, PS4, Apple TV and similar other devices. All you need to do to enable Kodi on Plex is to tap a new option in the configuration settings.

A dedicated device running Kodi and the Plex for Kodi add-on gives you a slick, configurable way to play your media in your home theater. Kodi AV settings enable powerfully advanced knob twisting and lever sliding to fine tune playback for a customized viewing experience! Settings nirvana

Another great bit of announcement relates to the widespread free availability of the Plex Media Player. Until now, Plex could be downloaded and install by only those who paid for the service, but from now onward, you can download Plex Media Player for free. You won’t be able to use all Plex services in the free version though, for that you must be a paid subscriber.

Also, Plex Media Player now offers a built-in Plex web app integration that allows you to view and manage content on PCs using mouse and keyboard.

In order to download Plex Media Player for free with the new Kodi Add-on, visit and follow installation instructions.

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