PlayStation Firmware 4.50 & 4.55 Have Been Jailbroken!

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Name Luca Tudesco and Jailbreak have grown to become synonymous with each other over the years. Although Luca dropped a bombshell when he recently announced that he has lost appetite for iOS jailbreak and won’t be releasing iOS related jailbreak exploits anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the famous Italian developer and security researcher has lost his golden touch for jailbreaking firmware.

Luca Tudesco took to his Twitter to send a flurry of tweets in which he let the world know that Sony PlayStation 4’s latest firmware versions 4.50 and 4.55 have been jailbreak by him.

Luca has been out of the picture, at least when it comes to iOS jailbreak, focusing instead on other issues such as travelling and voicing his views about mass surveillance and hacking attempts. His Twitter followers are keeping in touch with what he’s up to these days. But things got interesting when he started posting tweets related to PS4 jailbreak.

In one tweet, Luca Tudesco announced that he has managed to ‘just pwned PS4 4.5x’. If history has taught us anything its that Sony doesn’t take lightly to any hacking and jailbreak attempts directed at its devices. Which makes one ponder if we are going to see a public release of this PS4 4.5 / 4.55 jailbreak in future, or Luca decides against it.

That’s not it, in a followup tweet, Luca went on to say that the jailbreak tool he used for PS4 firmware 4.50 also worked on the version 4.55.

ps4 jailbreak luca tudesco

As of now we don’t have any confirmation regarding Luca’s intentions whether he will release public version of this jailbreak, or he has achieved the jailbreak for research purposes only. PS4 owners are keeping a tight watch on Tudesco’s twitter account to learn weather this jailbreak can be made available in the form of a software tool for those who wish to gain root access on their PS4 consoles. But past incidents do point towards a possibility that this jailbreak could very well be for personal use and won’t see the light of the day as it could land Luca in trouble with Sony.

luca tudesco ps4 jailbreak tweet

Not too long ago we saw Georgee Hotz, who released information on how to hack Sony PS3, was taken to court by Sony but the matter was ultimately settled, however, that episode was enough to discourage any future hacker attempts at PlayStation consoles. In the end, we can say that Luca has just added another impressive achievement to his long list of accomplishments.


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