OnePlus 5 Leaked Price Could Make It The Second Most Affordable Device With Snapdragon 835 Processor


An online retailer might just have accidentally leaked price of the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone. OnePlus manufactured phones regularly feature among the most in-demand Android devices around the world and the latest OnePlus 5 is no exception in this regard. OnePlus 5 is being offered for pre-orders by an online website and this time we get more information than mere specs as the online offer also hints at what it would cost.¬†Recently GearBest leaked hardware specifications of the OnePlus 5 and now the price of the device landed up on Geekbuying showing that this year’s model could be the second most affordable smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset.

OnePlus 5’s Leaked Price Of $449.99 Lands It Only Behind Xiaomi’s Mi6 As The Most Affordable Snapdragon 835 Powered Phone

Every year we witness launch of significantly improved smartphones in terms of both hardware and software from various manufacturers as they take in the knowledge from previous year’s variant, user feedback and critical reviews to design a better device while charging slightly more for premium specs. According to a listing on Geenbuying’s webpage, the new OnePlus 5 phone will be available for sale starting from $449.99.

It surely is more expensive than the OnePlus 3, which cost $399 but it also makes up for the increase in price with upgraded hardware specs and new software features.

One reason for this price increase could be the adoption of a metal and glass chassis, which would give the device a premium look and not to mentioned it also opens up the possibility of wireless charging along with the inclusion of fingerprint sensor technology. Although OnePlus’s Dash Charge technology is advanced enough to support fast charging in less time but incorporating wireless charging would offer more convenience to the end-user.


As far as other hardware specs are concerned, the OnePlus 5 is being tipped to come with an AMOLED display featuring a QHD resolution. A mammoth 4000mAh battery capacity is another highlight feature. However, if rumors of the OnePlus 5 with a slimmer chassis are true, it would be over optimistic on our part to expect a battery of such a large capacity.

So what are your thoughts on this leaked price? Does it justify the rumored specs and would you be interesting in purchasing one? Share your view in the comments section below.

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