Now iPhone 7 Goes Up in Smoke, Apple’s Latest Allegedly Catches Fire and Result in Damage to the User’s Car


There goes Apple’s golden chance to capitalize on Samsung misfortunes following Galaxy Note 7 debacle as reports have surfaced that the iPhone 7 phone exploded in a car in Australia resulting in damage to the vehicle but the user remained unharmed. Just a few days ago Samsung announced that the company is shutting down Galaxy Note 7 production, which handed Apple almost a perfect opening to lure disgruntled Samsung customers to its iPhone devices. But that opportunity seems to have been missed as iPhone 7 allegedly explodes in Australia. A local new outlet in Australia is reporting that iPhone 7 smartphone has caught fire while it was under some cloths in the back of a parked car.

According to reports, a guy who named Mat Jones who is also a surfing instructor went out to surf leaving his iPhone 7 behind in his car under some clothing material when the device combusted out of the blue that burnt cloths and damage some parts of the vehicle it was in.


The iPhone 7 device was purchased a week ago and continued to function without showing any signs of overheating or anything like that until the incident happened. Heated iPhone 7 ignited and burnt clothing placed in the back of the car causing damage to the back seats and interior.

Mat Jones posted pictures of burnt iPhone 7 and damage interior of his car. It may be that due to warm weather, iPhone 7 got heated up inside a hot car causing it to burn in flames. This incident also serves as a potent reminder that never let your iPhone 7 smartphone in a heated place or let it to overheat.

Mat Jones also said that he used only the original charger that came with the device. Jones told the news outlet that the car was filled with smoke and the device had melted when he returned from surfing.


Apple has confirmed that it is investigating the incident and is in touch with the person involved to ascertain the veracity of his claims. This incident appears to be an isolated incident in which outside factor mainly hot weather and car might be the real reason behind the damage as Apple devices are known to overheat at certain temperature. Weather iPhone 7 catching fire is caused by the internal hardware or some external factor remains to be seen and we should get clearer answer in a few days or so.

We will keep you posted about further developments regarding this incident, so stay tuned.


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