Nintendo Switch Likely To Support WQHD To 1080p Resolution With 5Gbps Internal Bus Speed

nintendo switch resolution and specs leaks

In a latest update provided by Emily Rogers on her Twitter account, The Nintendo Switch, contrary to previous reports, will support higher resolution than 720p. Previously it was being alleged that Nintendo Switch‘s native resolution will be 720p in portable docked. Some analysts are reporting even 4K resolution.

nintendo switch to come with 1080p resolution

Only recently more details about Nintendo Switch emerged shedding light on the specs of the upcoming Nintendo handheld gaming device. According to some tech insiders, Nintendo Switch’s processor is designed to run at lower than its full power. Moreover, don’t expect the GPU to perform at its maximum capacity so that it doesn’t put undue stress on device’s battery. As is the case with any device, its not surprising to see high interest in the resolution, however, some new claims are telling an entirely different story albeit a welcoming one.

Prominent Wall Street Journal Journalist Takashi Mochizuki announced on this Twitter that instead of rumored 1080p to 720p resolution, the Nintendo Switch resolution will be launched with WQHD to 1080p resolution. Which is better than we had expected. Ace Research Institute’s Yasuda terms this claim as the best thing we could’ve hoped for in Nintendo Switch. Some reports not too long ago indicated that the VR patent will be a part of Nintendo Switch don’t seem hold water if latest leaked information is to be believed.

nintendo switch to feature wqhd to 1080p resolution

One more bit of information provided by Takashi seems to be pointing towards a Nintendo Switch feature that allows for designing and playing open-world games on the handheld console.

nintendo switch supports open world games

Furthermore, Takashi Mochizuki noted that the Displayport over USB-C will also feature in Nintendo Switch, with the internal bus speed will be at 5Gbps, as claimed by Yasuda.

nintendo switch to have internal bus speed at 5gbps

Takashi Mochizuki has a reliable track record of providing credible tech leaks and information in the past which gives this new series of expose more weigh. However, despite Takashi’s impeccable past record regarding tech leaks, this is all still a rumor. Things will only get clear with the official launch of Nintendo Switch which should be too far away as the schedule release date is hardly a month away.

After the initial phase of Nintendo Switch’s release in North America and Europe, the device will be made available globally for public sale from March 2017. Stay tuned for more information and leaks regarding Nintendo Switch. What are your thoughts on this news, share in comments below.

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