Nintendo Switch Is Smashing Sales Records Left, Right, And Centre – Says COO Reggie


Hysteria surrounding the latest Nintendo Switch appears to have gripped the gaming fraternity. This is what the COO of the Nintendo’s North American division, Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime, thinks as made a staggering claim during his interview with the Fox News the other day that the Switch console is setting new sales records with each passing day. Fan frenzy linked to the beloved gaming console seems uncontrollable, which is reflecting in the initial sales figures of the console, Reggie believes.

We recently saw reporting that a research firm named SuperData is mentioning sales figures around 1.5 million units sold in the first of the global launch with third of those consoles sold are in the US. Japan takes the second spot with 360,000 units sold, and Europe is also hot on the heels in terms of sales figures.

It is important to mention that sales estimate numbers are based on the units sold to the end-customer rather than shipped to retailers, which is even more impressive. Just days after the release of this report, COO Reggie appeared on the television in an interview further extolling the Nintendo Switch’s impressive sales figures.

Reggie says, that the Switch console is setting and shattering records every day, at least as far as the US market is concerned. It’s even outperforming previous sales records set by the Wii and DS/3DS devices.

The reaction to Nintendo Switch has been remarkable. Every day we’re setting new records from a US perspective, meaning, you know, today I can look back and see how I compare to the launch of the Wii or the Nintendo DS or the Nintendo 3DS, and I’m setting sales records every day with the Nintendo Switch.

The reaction has been fantastic. Consumers want it, I’ve been with industry peers, they’re excited with what we’re doing and hoping to drive the industry. I’ve seen the games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, right now the fourth highest-rated game in the history of videogames.

We’ve turned the industry on its ear and to do that, to be part of a company that has a reputation for doing it on a regular basis, has been tremendous.

GameStop has also released its own assessment in which it reports that the initial sales of the Switch have been nothing short of phenomenal, even overshadowing those of the Wii. It’s too early to say with surety if the Switch will be able to maintain this momentum in the coming weeks and months. 2017 appears to be a decent year for Nintendo as the company is getting ready to reveal more products at E2 2017. Reggie also suggested in his interview with Fox News that Nintendo 3DS could be the big unveil of the E3 in the summer.

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