News: iPhone 7 May be Termed iPhone 6SE and Next Year Model All Set to Support Iris Scanner


Official launch of the latest iPhone from Apple is edging ever so closer, as imminent unveiling is approaching near news and rumors are also gaining momentum. Most of the iPhone rumors and news have so far been focusing primarily on the hardware design and specifications of the upcoming flasgship from Apple. We have see rumors regarding aesthetic changes being that might become part of the new iPhone, we have heard speculations about hardware specs, camera, screen resolution and price points in various leaks.

All that surely has added to our knowledge about the new device but today surfaced a new kind of rumor linked with iPhone 7 may be all wrong up until now because, according to a Chinese source, Apple is geared up to name its new smartphone iPhone 6SE instead of iPhone 7.

This rumors that we have been hearing from the unknown Chinese Source hasn’t been corroborated with written or visual documentary evidence such as leaked image of new device or official paperwork. Which is exactly why this rumors may not be all reliable since it lacks hard evidence to back its claim.


If this rumor is to be believed, it means that Apple might name its next flagship after current budget 4-inch budget model iPhone SE, which doesn’t make sense. Main reason being cited behind naming the next phone 6SE rather than 7 could be because the new device is basically evolutionary in nature not revolutionary. In terms of design and specs new iPhone may not be a drastic departure from current iPhone 6S series.

Despite all the naming rumors, news about the upcoming device coming without headphone jack, slimmer design, re-positioned antenna bands and large camera module with dual-lens camera are credible.

One other interesting rumors that is doing the rounds is that the next year device might feature latest Iris Scanner technology, already being launch by Samsung in its new Galaxy S7 Note in coming day. This is sure to revolutionize biometric features on phones with apps designed to support Iris scanning for various purposes.

Currently Touch ID is the only form of biometric detection on Apple devices. Apple is busy buying patents related to Iris Scanning technology. It also acquired two companies having expertise in facial recognition technology called Emoient and FaceShift, both work in facial recognition and 3D rendering technologies. There expertise could be used to place features in Iris Scanning technology.

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