New Images Give a Glimpse of Rumored Bezel-Less Display Design of The iPhone 8


Apple fans couldn’t wait to show the world what their beloved iPhone device may look like without bezels. Some new images have surfaced on the internet that give an indication of what we might expect as far as the iPhone 8 with alleged bezel-less display design may look like. There have been rumors that the upcoming Apple flagship may feature a bezel-less display, which would be the first time on any iPhone device. But things were just on paper until now, because if the new leaked images of rumored iPhone 8 without bezels are to be believed, the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 appears to be one slick device. If the alleged renders of the bezel-less iPhone 8 look so impressive, just imagine what the device would be like in real, albeit its hardly an innovative design, as we have already seen on devices from several manufacturers. But this is where Apple’ strengths lie, it doesn’t necessarily innovate, but is exceptional when it comes to imitating concepts and polish them to bring a better device.

The iPhone 7 was launched barely two months ago, and it seems iPhone 8 hysteria has already gripped rumor mill, which is likely to gather more steam as we approach scheduled September 2017 launch of the iPhone 8. Looking at the iPhone 8 images, we can say that the device is hardly a new and revolutionary concept, as bazel-less devices have already been in the market. The Galaxy S7 Edge already supports curved edged display. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix and Sharps’s concept smartphones without bezels display, have already pushed the innovation boundaries. Whether Apple can topple them remains to be seen.


However, one thing that Apple can differentiate its device from other bezel-less devices is by integrating home button into the front-glass panel to completely get rig of the touch ID/physical home button in the iPhone 8. This rumors has always spawned from concept arts and renditions. Some of which you can see in the images shown here.

This concept art is created by Veniamin Geskin, the new concept shows an iPhone with no bezels, which makes it possible to integrate a moving physical home button inside the screen. If this turns out to be true, we may see what many have been predicting for years, that Apple is ready to ditch the physical home button for good on iPhone. This new concept art has kicked the ball rolling, and has everyone waiting with bated breath how things shape up with the iPhone 8 design.

Tech companies nowadays plan years ahead, and we believe Apple has already decided on the final design details of its upcoming flagship. Which we reckon may already be in the testing lab at Cupertino as we write this.

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