New ‘Game Mode’ Feature Is Arriving In Windows 10 Creators Update

windows 10 game mode for pc

Gaming experience on Windows 10 is about to change forever, and for the better it seems, as Microsoft is giving final touches to the upcoming ‘Game Mode’ feature in the next major Windows 10 Creators Update for PC desktop and laptop.

According to latest reports, Windows 10 gaming experience is about to get whole lot more fun with the new Game Mode. What this Game Mode does is it works seamlessly in the background to guide system resources to a way that provide best possible gaming experience without compromising on PC speed, game frame freeze, RAM issue, or other gaming related problems.

It’s hard to dispute the fact that Windows operating systems offer the best desktop PC or laptop gaming experience. However, with rapid advancements in gaming technology and graphics improvements, its important to keep the operating system in updated state to handle most modern gaming tasks without compromising on performance. And Microsoft seems committed to keep its position as market leader of PC gaming.

Windows 10 Game Mode Is Specifically Designed For Efficient Allocation Of System Resources For Better Gaming Experience

First bit of information regarding the Game Mode surfaced in a leaked Windows 10 Build 14997 last week, which is released as a part of the upcoming Creators Update, according to a Twitter post by WalkingCat (@h0x0d).

Microsoft’s main motive behind releasing Windows 10 Game Mode is to better manage system resources during the gaming session, so that it doesn’t bog down PC speed or performance, and it performs this task by restricting the system resources from other unused apps running the background to dedicate those resources to improve graphics, OS speed, and processor power in order to present a console-like gaming experience on PC.

windows 10 game mode creators update

Microsoft has already implemented this feature in its Xbox gaming console where a similar mechanism is embedded inside the Xbox OS that signals the console’s system to shift unused and distributed resources to the game being play at present. This feature limits the use of resources elsewhere in order to provide maximum required power and resources needing to smoothly run the game on the device.

The same technology in Windows 10 will take gaming experience on PC desktop or laptop to another level. However, information is scarce as to whether the third-party games will be able to take advantage of this feature or if it will be restricted only the titles downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store. Prevailing gaming trend hints that the feature would be released with universal compatibility.

Microsoft is closing the gap between Windows and Xbox with this new move in an attempt to streamline gaming experience across its platform. The Windows 10 Creators Update is currently in its beta testing phase with its expected public release date likely to be around the Spring 2017.

What are your thoughts on this move from Microsoft to bring Windows 10 gaming experience a step closer to the Xbox? Share in comments below.


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