New Alien: Covenant Trailer Shows Walter Powered By AMD Ryzen & Radeon


When it was announced that Sir Ridlet Scott is coming back to helm Alien movie franchise decades after the original movie which he made famous back in 1979, the news sent ripples of excitement through the movie industry. Everyone wanted to see what master sci-fi movie director brings in his latest adventure. And the latest trailer for epic Sci-Fi saga Alien Covenant has been released which shows Walter, a synthetic humanoid (played by Michael Fassbender), is powered by AMD Ryzen & Radeon. The movie will hit the theaters on May 19. This explains why AMD delayed to unveiling of its next generation of Radeon GPU based on Vega, as the company looks to capitalize on the movie hype around the same time in what could be termed as a genius marketing ploy. USP of the next AMD chips is the layer of artificial intelligence accelerators that work in conjunction with the main processor to produce stunningly realistic results, both in graphics department and performance-wise.

AMD’s Next Generation Ryzen & Radeon Chips Are The Main Source Of Power Inside Walter The Humanoid In The Movie Alien: Covenant

Those who like to keep tabs on the latest happenings in the artificial intelligence and processor industry would know that the Wyland-Yutani Corporation built the Walter humanoid synthetic robot in the movie Alien a few years ago. They are back in the Alien: Covenant movie sequel with more advanced synthetic humanoid who is designed to take commands from its owner and then decides on what course of action to take on its own. Walter is powered by AMD’s heterogeneous computing chips featuring latest Ryzen and Radeon technology.

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AMD gave us a demonstration of the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities of its Radeon Instinct accelerators series of processors. Out of all the chips set to be released in May, the Radeon Vega 10 GPU with 25 TFLOPS of computer power is by far the most powerful and advanced chip. Four chip combine to form a single Vega Cube which then gives the power equal to the human brain from an Apple sized chip. Without going into technical details, we are going to highlight its power potential simply by stating that it is capable enough to lend future robots more realistic information processing and thinking abilities.

In the latest Alien Covenant trailer, AMD wants to show us the true potential and scope of its latest Vega chips. We already saw AMD revealing a teaser of the power potential of the upcoming Vega chips in the preview of the Sci-Fi game Prey by developers Bethesda and announced that the next version of the game has graphics optimized with Ryzen and Vega CPUs.

AMD has officially announced the launch date of Vega chips. But, since, both Prey and Alien: Covenant are coming out in May, it fairly safe to presume that the next Vega chip launch isn’t too far away.

Features of Vega Architecture:

  • 4x Power
  • 2x Peak Throughput/Performance per clock
  • 2x Bandwidth per pin
  • 8x capacity per stack
  • High Bandwidth cache
  • 512TB virtual address space
  • Next generation Compute and Pixel engines
  • Primitive Shaders
  • Draw Stream Binning Rasterizer
  • Rapid Packed Math

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