Mobile Strike v3.17.144 Mod Apk (New Additions)


Mobile Strike is free war themed multiplayer game available on both iOS and Android platform. Here you can download latest updated Mobile Strike v3.17.144 Mod Apk on Android mobiles and tablets. We will also share proven tips and cheat guide that will enable you to decimate your opponents in online mode with utmost ease. With Mobile Strike Mod Apk you can unlock bases for free and defend them with modern weapons and max skilled soldiers. There is no way you can get defeated after installing Mod Apk app on Android and by following our tips and tricks guide below.

Mobile Strike Tips and Cheat Guide:

Alliances: First look to form alliances with friends or like-minded players. Different alliances bring different rewards. Also, level-up headquarters because it will attract top players to come to you with requests for alliances and soldier offers to protect it.

Base: Your base will be the ultimate target of other players for looting gold, so use first 24 hours protection period upon joining the game to build base with walls, hospitals, barracks and security checkpoints. More bases you build, more soldiers you get.

Missions: Every day you can perform limited tasks for free, so use limited resources to get maximum gold and XP back to the base and best way to do is to complete daily, weekly and VIP missions. Tap ‘Missions’ at the bottom of the screen, select mission type and tap start. At the end of the day, bring all earned gold and XP back to the base.

Training Banks: Skilled soldiers are key to protecting the base against stronger army and for that you would need to build training facilities. Build no more than a few training banks to train soldiers. Don’t waster resources on building unnecessary training camps.


Bonuses and XP: As we mentioned alliances are important, so if you are the head of an alliance that took over the Control Points (power base of each state) by defeating other players then you will receive 10% of all coins earned by alliance leaders in your state and also 200,000 alliance funds everyday.

Level-Up: Perform tasks as commander to unlock skill points to spend on upgrades. The higher you are on the skill tree the better it will for your base, so choose skills that you need in missions. Spend skills points on reducing energy cost, this will allow you to attack with less energy.

Resource Tiles: Use map to locate and collect as many resource tiles as possible which will change your skills from beginner to intermediate quickly. Tap on the map then tiles and select resource tiles to start collecting. You can use these tiles to manufacture better weapons and equipment.


VIP: You get free VIP points at the start to boost your account but do not spend them until you get enough experience playing the game. Once you know the game then spend VIP points to get a limited time during which bonuses, gold, XP and points double for every action.

Teleport: You can use free teleport feature for the first five levels to jump from one alliance state to another. After five levels it expires.

Now that you know how to mater Mobile Strike game-play, its time to install Mobile Strike Hack apk on Android devices to gain advantage over others from the very first level.

Download and Install Mobile Strike v3.17.144 Mod Apk:

1 – First of backup and uninstall the previous version from Android device (this is very important for installing MOD APK version of the game).

2 – Now go to Device’s settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources option to manually install the game from external link below.

3 – Download MOD APK file from the link below and save it on your device’s internal memory or external SD card.

4 – Tap on the downloaded MOD APK file to begin game installation and wait for it to complete.

5 – That’s All.

Mobile Strike v3.17.144 Mod Apk: Link

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