List of mac OS High Sierra Compatible Devices

list of devices compatible with macos 10.13 high sierra

Here is a list of Mac desktop and laptop models that are compatible with the final version release of the latest macOS 10.13 High Sierra desktop operating system from Apple. If you are not sure about your Mac’s compatibility with macOS High Sierra, then refer to the list in this post to find out whether your device makes a cut to run new version of Mac desktop OS.

Apple has taken special care while developing the macOS High Sierra to ensure that it works on as many MACs as possible. And the company has done a great job of making sure that macOS 10.13 High Sierra works with even the desktop/laptop released several years ago. So chances are that your Mac can easily be updated to Apple’s newly released desktop OS.

If you own an iMac, MacBook, Mac mini or Mac Pro, then you are in a good position to start macOS High Sierra update on your device. Instead of jumping straight ahead to the installation process, first take a look if your device makes it into the list of devices that can run the new desktop OS version. It will save you time wasted on installing the OS update on a device whose hardware is simply not capable enough to run it in the first place.

If your Mac is already running on macOS Sierra, then there is great news for you because it means you can update the new macOS 10.13 High Sierra on it as well. However, Macs not supported by macOS Sierra won’t be able to install all the great new stuff featuring in this year’s update. Some of the limitations on older Macs that won’t allow them to run macOS High Sierra features include the inability to run 4K HEVC playback that only works on MACs powered by Intel’s 6th-generation CPUs. Moreover, on Macs without a thunderbolt 3 port, it is not possible to connect an external GPU. But that should not be a problem if you are not planning to use Mac for tasks other than the basic browsing, watching movies, streaming content, creating documents, and other similar tasks.

List of Macs Compatible with macOS High Sierra

Here is a complete list of models of Mac desktop and laptop devices that are supported by the latest macOS High Sierra update.

  • iMac – 2009 or later.
  • MacBook – 2009 or later.
  • Mac Pro – 2010 or later.
  • Mac mini – 2010 or later.
  • MacBook Pro – 2010 or later.
  • MacBook Air – 2010 or later.

If you own an older Mac mini launched in 2010, you can still go ahead and update it to the new Mac desktop operating system as it falls under the umbrella of devices supported by the new update. 2010 MacBook Air also gets the High Sierra update support, which is impressive for a device with such an old hardware.

So before preparing your device for macOS 10.13 High Sierra update, first make sure that it is compatible with the new firmware to avoid installation and performance issues later.

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