LG G6 Price Expected To Rise By $50 To Compensate For Premium Specs

lg g6 price and specs rumors

LG’s upcoming smartphone the LG G6 is featuring quite often in rumors and leaked reports these days. LG has always distinguished its smartphones from those of the competitors in the form of removable batteries, distinguishable build material and style. In the time when most smartphone manufacturers have gone with non-removable battery option, LG refused to let go of the removable battery option, which was once a norm in tech industry. However, latest rumors are suggesting that LG is ready to embrace non-removable battery concept for its next flagship smartphone, the LG G6. Battery has always been Achilles Heels of smartphones, especially after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, phone manufacturers have ramped up efforts to further improve device battery. According to the latest round of rumors, LG is considering offering premium specs in the LG G6, which may be slightly different as were being hinted in the previous rumored leaks. And to make up for the beefed up specs, LG is reported increasing the end-price of the LG G6 by as much as $50. So, let’s see what you are getting in the LG G6 that justifies this price hike.

LG’s G6 Smartphone Could Cost $50 More Than Was Previously Thought In Return For Additional Specs & Features – Let’s Check Out The Specs

So, what has prompted LG to allegedly raise the speculated price of G6 smartphone all of a sudden. Well, let’s look at the specs first to dissect whether LG’s decision holds any water. Of course, these features are entirely subjective, we are basing our reasoning on information in previously leaked reports regarding the LG G6 specs. We think following features are responsible for LG G6’s reported price hike of almost $50:

  • Dual-Camera lens
  • IP68 certificate (Water & Dust Resistant Chassis)
  • 32-bit DAC
  • Wireless charging
  • Google Assistant support
  • Premium build quality
  • Higher Resolution

To go with above mentioned specs, there are features some LG fans will miss out on based on the rumored reports. First, the G6 will be the first LG flagship phone without a removable battery option. Second, most probably, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor is being reported to feature in the LG G6. Which will disappoint those who have been waiting for the Snapdragon 835 chipset. But before jumping on the gun to criticize LG’s use of older chipset, it’s important to note things were not entirely in LG’s hands, since Samsung has already struck some sort of a deal with Qualcomm reportedly securing the entire initial batch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

One shouldn’t expect glaring differences in the performance of the Snapdragon 835 and 821. Both chips are near equal in performance with most noticeable changes are decipherable only in benchmark scores. The Snapdragon 835’s Quick Charge 4.0 support and 10mn FinFET architecture will be sorely missed in the LG G6 when it comes to long-run battery performance. But the Snapdragon 821 chip is no muck by any means. We are also counting on the availability of the DayDream support in the upcoming LG G6 device, but nothing is confirmed as of yet in this regard.

Those who keep abreast with LG’s news might be able to recall that LG’s subsidiary LG Innotek recently claimed to be the producer of world’s fastest wireless charger, it won’t be a surprise if this ultra-fast wireless technology makes its way into the LG G6 phone as well. Wireless charging not only offers convenience and faster charging compared to traditional wall chargers, but it has some way to go before it can boast to categorically replace normal charging habits of smartphone users. Water-resistant build is fast becoming a norm among smartphone manufacturers, which is why it’s being tipped that the LG G6 will also include this technology.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most high-end smartphone these days still lack in decent sound quality. With LG’s 32-bit DAC in the G6, the device is sure to change this trends by offering better sound quality than most devices bring sold by LG’s contemporaries. Now onto the price, the previous LG flagship was sold at $649, which based on latest rumors is about to increase to $699 at the time of sale. This price hike may be reasonable considering all additional specs you will be getting in the LG G6. What are your thoughts on this? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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