LG G6 IR Blaster Status

is there ir blaster on lg g6 phone

Remember the time when IR Blaster technology on Android smartphones was all craze and highly sought after among users? Samsung’s Galaxy devices made IR Blaster a household name among Android users. Soon afterwards, other Android OEMs started launching their phones with IR Blaster to the delight of Android fans. LG was also one of the few Android device manufacturers who offered IR Blaster on its flagship phones. In fact, LG was one of the last few major OEMs that continued to incorporate IR Blaster in its mobiles. The LG G5 was an unmitigated disaster, the device was universally panned by critics that was reflected in the low sales. Some bought the G5 only because of an IR Blaster. However, this year’s model, the LG G6, does not feature the IR blaster.

An IR Blaster is not the only omission in the new LG G5, it is also the first flagship from LG that doesn’t have a removable battery. In the good old days, LG’s devices, such as G4, G5, and V10, had the Quick Remote app that used to work with the IR Blaster for remotely controlling electrical appliances such as TV, fridges, washing machines, and other smart devices. But, sadly, in the new LG G6, there is no IR blaster, and hence no way of controlling appliances from your smartphone.

Though the LG G6 feature all modern smartphone specs such as bezel-less display, an IP68 certification, faster processor, advanced camera option, and lots more but it would have been nice to see IR blaster on it as well. Inclusion of costly new features could be the reason why LG decided to forego IR blaster in the G6 phone. Or perhaps LG noticed that the demand for the IR blaster was not meeting company’s expectations, that’s why instead of spending extra money on a feature with low demand, it could have been better utilized elsewhere on adding more useful features on LG G6.

So, it could be a combination low user demand and addition of costly new features that might have prompted LG to ditch the IR blaster in its new LG G6 smartphone. Whatever the reason might be, the LG G6 – like Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and HTC 11 – no longer has an IR blaster.

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