Leaked iPhone 7 Plus Packaging Image Shows AirPods Bundled for the first time with any iPhone


Here comes the new leaked images of the iPhone 7 Plus packaging. The image leaked online just yesterday confirms what we already have seen in previous leaks about the upcoming Apple flagship devices that they may come with new AirPods replacing previous Earpods. What makes this leak particularly interesting is that it has clearly shown that Apple’s new phones will  come with all new wireless AirPods for listening to music, attending call and for every other audio related task on iPhone 7. We do not known yet whether AirPods will come bundled with only iPhone 7 Plus or with both 7 and 7 Plus devices.

Some previous leaks did hint that some iPhone 7 boxes have a lightening-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter mentioned on the back of the packaging box. But this latest leak has rendered all such rumors flash because you can clearly see in the image below that the iPhone 7 Plus box shows the AirPods being referenced at the backside that may come with new iPhone 7 device that Apple is about to launch next week.


Apple, in its quest for slimming future iPhone devices, have gotten rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom of current iPhone devices, which means that current EarPods will now be replaced with wireless AirPods or whatever Apple decides to name them. One of the images in this post may not be genuine, it appears to be photoshopped but the iPhone 7 packaging image can be termed credible.

It should be noted that faking black text on a white background is not an easy tasks and from what we can gather from the image and the text fonts, the image seems pretty genuine. Apple may sell both or one of its upcoming iPhone 7 devices with AirPods.

As this leak came merely a few days before the official iPhone 7 unveil, this adds to the legitimacy of the image of the leaked iPhone 7 Plus box mentioning AirPods on the backside.

Of course, all this remains leak and rumor, so we should rush to conclusions until the official launch even scheduled for September 7th.


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