Latest Leak of the Galaxy S8 Suggests Samsung is Planning to Launch the Device in Three Firmware Variants


By now everyone is aware of Samsung’s Note 7 debacle that has put the Korean tech company in rather precarious position in terms of keeping hold of until-now loyal customers who are reportedly flocking to iPhone 7 after the Note 7 explosion fiasco. The Note 7, which many considered the best phablet to have ever been made, was on course to shatter sales record and dethrone Apple’s iPhone hegemony in the North American market, but all those projection went up in smoke along with the device as Samsung recently announced it is pulling the plug on the Note 7 manufacturing and abandoning the product line altogether. This has shifted focus of tech industry insiders and analysts on the next flagship device from Samsung which is reportedly the Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Judging by the past record, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 phone in the Mobile World Congress next year. Recently several reports have indicated that Samsung is working on an early launch of its next flagship device, the Galaxy S8, to recover some of the losses incurred after the Note 7 disaster. But nothing seems certain as of yet according to the latest rumors that have surfaced recently. New leaks suggest the Samsung Galaxy S8 firmware development has started today, here are more details regarding the latest leaks.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Firmware Variants Have Been Leaked, Hinting At Three Device Variants

Ever since the news of the launch of the upcoming flagship from Samsung hit the internet and airwaves, we have seen many leaks and reports predicting what to expect in the Galaxy S8 phone. We regularly keep you posted with latest Galaxy S8 rumors as soon as they surface. One thing was already quite evident that we won’t see any marked changes in the design and hardware on most new smartphones of 2016, as manufacturers are gearing up for the landmark 10 year anniversary launch of their flagship phones to make the next year design a memorable one. Although the Note 7 had respectable specs and design, but the rumors mill points towards a drastic design and specs changes in the next Galaxy flagship phone to rival iPhone 8 or whatever Apple decides to call it.

According a new report, Samsung has started work on the Galaxy S8 firmware development. As per leaked rumors, Samsung is working on the firmware for the US, Europe and Korean regions. We are still good four months away from the Galaxy S8 launch, expect a surge in Galaxy S8 rumors and leaks in coming weeks and months. A Chinese source claims that there are three S8 firmware variants in works. Here’s the image that revealed it all.


As you can see int he above image, the Samsung Galaxy S8 may come out in three firmware variants: G955FXXE0APJ3, G955FOXA0APJ2 and G955FXXE0APJ firmware version. The three firmware variants indicate device differences according to regions, if Samsung’s past record is anything to by. This time last year rumors about the Samsung S7 and the S7 Edge started to hit the airwaves, and this year, well on course the Galaxy S8 rumors have started. Talks about two Galaxy S8 models signal that both versions will support edge screens.

So far, according to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a 4K display, while the 5.1 Galaxy S8 will feature a 2K display. Both devices will embed the Snapdragon 830 and the Exynos 8895 processors with 10mn node. Iris Scanner and a dual camera are expected to be a part of rest of the highlighted specs of the Galaxy S8. What are your thoughts, let us know in the comments section below.

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