Latest iPhone 7 Plus in all Colors Leaked Image Gallery


Recently we had a glimpse of Black color iPhone 7 Plus in leaked images. Today, we have brought a whole new gallery of leaked iPhone 7 Plus models in all colors. Treat yourself with colorful images of different iPhone 7 Plus models in the leaked gallery images. All five colors of the upcoming Apple flagship device are shown in leaked gallery of images. As promised, we have proven true to our words and brought latest leaked images of iPhone 7 Plus in all colors. Images below were leaked by a Chinese source.

iPhone 7 Plus in all 5 colors variants as can be seen in the leaked Gallery of new images.

We can see in the images that the antenna bands are rounded on the edges and the dual camera on the rare side of the device. Antenna orientation may not be as clear in some of the images but it is clear enough to see then on the edges. Since, in terms of looks, iPhone 7 Plus may not be markedly different from iPhone 6S Plus, so lure customers towards the device Apple might have a trick or two up its sleeves in software department that could allow users to unleash the full potential of the camera with some new software options and features. But all that is just speculations at this post, what would actually unfold on the launch event in anyone’s guess. Click on any image to start slideshow.

You might also have noticed that there is a camera bulge on the back side of the device. And this could mean only one thing, if past is any indicator, that the battery capacity is unlikely to improve from its current level. Battery capacity in iPhone 7 is rumored to be of a 3,100mAh. But considering Apple’s obsession with producing slim devices, the company doesn’t seem to shying away from sacrificing battery levels yet again for achieving remarkable thinness.

iPhone 7 series and the future devices from Apple are set to continue on this trend of slim devices because they are scheduled to possess new FoWLP chip technology being produced by TSMC and Samsung in conjunction which allows for even slimmer devices. Apart from reducing mobile thickness this technology also helps in increasing device efficiency by up to 30 percent. Click on the image below to start the slideshow.

Which makes one wonder what’s holding mobile manufacturer’s from using extra space created by skinned chipsets to add more battery cells to enhance its charging levels? What’s the rationale behind such decisions is anyone’s guess, after all they are more clued up with the production process than us bloggers, so we should have faith on their judgement, which so far has let users down when it comes to battery capacity. There is also no 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom which might help in improving battery.

In the end, it should be noted that these are all rumors and leaks. Apple’s official launch event will either substantiate or rebuff all these leaks.


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