Latest Iphone 7 Leaks with Bigger Camera and new Space Black Color


Apple is about to launch its next flahship smartphone iPhone 7 in September. Ever since the new of the launched first surfaced rumors started swiveling about the design, specs and color options of the new iPhone 7. Every day brings some new leak or rumors regarding the next smartphone from Apple. Here you can the latest leaked images of iPhone 7 device from Apple’s own supply chain in China.


As you can see from these alleged images that the device has bigger camera unit section compared to current iPhone options. Back panel images are also clearly visible from the images. But so far it has to be said that we should not expect drastic changes in design this year. Only changes apparent from supposed leaked images are the shifting of the antenna lines from the back side to the top and bottom edges.

Apple got pilloried for antenna bands lines smearing the look of iPhone at the time of the launch of iPhone 6. It can be said that this re-positioning of the antenna bands might be the outcome of that criticism. Anyway, apart from this no much else seems to changing much in the upcoming iPhone. Perhaps, Apple is saving the best design yet for iPhone’s 10th anniversary launch next year with reports suggesting all-glass iPhone is in the works.


Back to this year’s iPhone 7. Images are of 4.7-inch model and show larger camera holes than the current iPhone 6 models, maybe new CMOS censor is the reason for larger camera panel in iPhone 7. Camera still looks protruding on the top left corner of the backside of the iPhone. Second image is that of 5.5-inch iPhone 7 with larger frame to accommodate bigger hardware specifications.

Contrary to prior rumors that Apple is about to abandon headphone jack in the new iPhone we can see 3.5mm headphone jack in the image. Maybe Apple has decided against it in the last minute so bring more surprises for next year’s model.

Apple fans brace yourselves for new colored iPhone. Reports from reliable tech insiders are hinting that iPhone 7 would come in brand new Space Black color. If you can recall Apple discontinued Black color iPhones after iPhone 5 because of some chipping problems. Apparently that issue seems to have been put to rest if new Black color iPhone 7 model indeed come along.

After all said and done, it must be noted that all these are still rumors. Nothing is written on stone until Apple launches its device in September. Keep visiting for more iPhone 7 rumors and leaks.

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