KGI Securities Predict All iPhone 8 Models To Feature OLED Display Panel, Wireless Charging, And Will Be The Best Selling iPhone Ever


KGI Securities has an impressive record when it comes to delivering accurate leaks and predictions related to Apple products. And the investment firm has issued their latest take on upcoming Apple flagship device, the iPhone 8 or whatever Apple decide to call it. According the KGI, all models of Apple iPhone 8 will feature a wireless charging technology, OLED display panel, an all glass body and will shatter every previous iPhone sales record.

If you thought Apple is getting stagnant as far as producing innovative devices is concerned, the KGI securities say you might want to reconsider, because in 2017 the Capuertino giant has something truly amazing up its sleeves to unveil. According to sources with a track record of reliable Apple leaks and predictions, Apple may well sweep the smartphone market in 2017 with its iPhone 8. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of iPhone and Apple wants to make it memorable by launching a device to match the occasion. The next year’s iPhone is being tipped to bring unheard of success and reach unforeseen sales numbers.

The latest report by KGI securities projects that demands and sales of the next iPhone device will outstrip that of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with estimated 150 million units expected to ship around the world before the end of 2017. One reason that such gigantic sales number are being predicted may well be that Apple is preparing to launch three models of the iPhone 8 at different price points.

Speculations are rife that the upcoming high-end models of the iPhone 8 will feature a curved OLED display, which will be the first time on any iPhone device. This shows Apple is ready to reinvent its flagship iPhone device and bracing new changes in technology, and since Apple is renowned for taking concept and polishing them in a way that truly appeal to customers, record breaking sales numbers no longer seem a figment of Apple fanboy’s imagination.

The curved OLED display on high-end iPhone device could goad current iPhone 6 and 5 Plus users to finally upgrade their devices. The other two models of iPhone 8 may not match the high-end model in terms of specs, but they will still carry enough charm and features to attract new customers to Apple’s iPhone. The 4.7-inch and the 5.5-inch iPhone will look similar to the high-end iPhone 8 models, but will carry a non-curved OLED display.

All three models will feature wireless charging capability and an completely redesigned all-glass body. It remains to be seen whether we’ll see all new features evenly distributed among all new models of the upcoming iPhone device unlike current iPhone 7 series where duel-camera setup is limited to only the 7 Plus model.

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