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Nokia-9-concept-main-840x473It won’t be an exaggeration to say that 2017 could well turn out to the year of grand Nokia comeback into the industry which it once dominated. Nokia’s Windows based Lumia smartphone failed to bring life back to the ailing phone brand. But the tech firm is not willing to throw in the towel just yet as the company has announced that it’s bringing several new Nokia phones this year. Among all the upcoming Nokia phones the most anticipated model is the Nokia 9 smartphone. Today someone posted new concept images of the Nokia 9 depicting a really impressive looking device so we thought to share them with you for your viewing pleasure.

New Nokia 9 Concept Images Make Samsung Galaxy S8 Phones Look Mediocre In Comparison

Nokia 9 smartphone render images show a device with 2:1 display, slim design and stylish design. Nokia has already released a few devices this year with more phones slated for release later this year. However, the Nokia 9 is what everyone is anxiously waiting for. We have already seen a source claiming that the Nokia 9 will come with plenty of appealing features including a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, Nokia’s own Viki virtual assistant, like Samsung Bixby. But very little is known about the actual device design as Nokia is doing a solid job of keeping the production model under strict security to forestall leaked images from surfacing online.


This brings us to the recently posted render concept images of the Nokia 9 by Phone designer who posted the images shown below first on Facebook. See the creativity put behind in the concept design of the Nokia 9 in the images shared below. Check out the images for yourself and admire the beauty of the imagined Nokia 9 in all its glory.

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As you can see in the images that the designer imagines a Nokia 9 device featuring two front facing speakers for enhanced media consumption experience. But it’s the display of the device in the rendered images that takes the spotlight here. A 5.5-inch diagonal display with edge-to-edge bezel-less screen leaves Galaxy S8 phones bite the dust. Concept shows a display having a 2:1 aspect ratio that makes it taller than the commonly used 16:9 ratio on most smartphones these days.

The rendered device looks slick and slim despite all the purported powerful technology rumored to be packed inside the chassis. Phone is imagined to be of 6.2mm thick, which is on par with the iPhone 7. Two camera lenses can be seen on the back side of the device but the exact purpose and features of these two lenses hasn’t been shared by the concept originator. So, what do you think about these renders? Share your views below.


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