Is iOS 11 Install Causing Your iPhone To Heat Up? Here’s The Likely Reason & Fix

ios 11 device heat up issue, reasons and solutions

Apple’s iOS 11 firmware is out in all its glory. Millions around the world are updating their devices to the latest iOS version to enjoy new features and many new improvements. iOS 11 security patches ensure that your device remains safe from hacker attackers and harmful online threats. Initial response suggests that the first full iOS 11 release to public has gone down well on most compatible devices without any major hiccups. There are a few minor issues being reported here and there, but its not something serious enough to be worried about. That’s why we haven’t heard anything from Apple about official fixes to minor niggles. All in all, the iOS 11 update can be termed as a success.

However, you should never take minor issues lightly that resurface time and again. It is because when ignored they can assumed an existential proportion to cause serious damage to either the working of OS or hardware functioning on your iOS device. Device heat up  after new operating system update issue is one of them. It may not appear serious enough as device cools down itself after some time. But persistent device heating up can cause severe damage to iPhone/iPad battery in the long run.

We already touched on this topic in one of our posts regarding iPhone 7/7 Plus overheating problem. And if new reports are to be believed, the device heat up issue isn’t going away with iOS 11 update either.

Problem with smartphone heating up quickly is the difficulty in identifying the underlying cause unless you are an expert in that technology. Similar issue is causing considerable consternation among iPhone and iPad users since updating their smartphone/tablet to the iOS 11 firmware.

Rapid overheating of a smartphone or tablet is a sign that something is amiss and requires immediate attention. It wasn’t that long ago when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was all over the news for its battery issues that ultimately prompted a global recall of every single device from every corner of the world. Investigation findings into the Galaxy Note 7 episode revealed that device battery getting extremely hot was the main culprit behind them exploding unexpectedly.

However, Apple on the other hand is known for being meticulous in designing every little aspect of its product to ensure quality is never compromised. But when even iPhone starts heating up then there is a serious cause for concern about something being not right with the device. Before you go into panic mode, let us remind you that device heat up issue is quite normal when installing a big OS update. Most of the time device quickly returns to its normal temperature after the update process is complete. So you should wait for around 2 days and if your device keeps getting extremely hot, only then it’s should be taken as a serous issue.

ios 11 overheating issue, reason and fixes

During the installation process of a major firmware update the entire hardware works at its maximum capacity as the new OS tries to sync itself with various components of phone hardware through installation files. This results in device getting heated up which should return to its normal level after the completion of the update process. iPhone overheating during, and sometime after, iOS 11 update is normal that’s why we haven’t heard anything from Apple over this issue. File indexing during a major firmware installation takes its toll on processor, battery and memory thus causing phone to warm up.

If the overheating doesn’t dissipate after the span of 48-hours, then there might be an issue with the OTA update method – sometimes faulty OTA (over-the-air) firmware update can also cause rise in device temperature during the update process – that could be resolved with the clean installation of iOS 11. So before taking your device to Apple Genius Bar or contacting customer support, perform a clean install of iOS 11 on your device to address the overheating issue: Here’s How To Clean Install iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad. And never install a new firmware update while keeping your device inside the casing as it can exacerbate the heat up process.

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