iPhone SE Has Been Jailbroken!!

you can now jailbreak iphone se on ios 10 and ios 10.1.1

When the team behind latest mach_portal + Yalu iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak released their tool it was said to have worked only on iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and iPad Pro devices. But several users since the release of the new iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak are reporting that they have managed to jailbreak iPhone SE using Yalu iOS 10 Jailbreak exploit. Here’s how jailbreak was achieved on iPhone SE.

iPhone SE On iOS 10 / 10.1.1 Has Been Jailbroken via Yalu Exploit

Like i mentioned above, most of the debate on iOS 10 / 10.1.1 Yaly jailbreak tool has centered around iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro 12.9 / 9.7 inch models as these are the only device currently working with mach_portal + Yalu jailbreak. However, things have taken a dramatic shift, as the news of iPhone SE getting jailbroken with the same Yalu tool have started surfacing. In order to test these claims, i decided to give it a go myself. Since i don’t an iPhone SE, so i borrowed one from my gracious friend and tried Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10 on it AND it did work to my astonishment.

Many of our regular RazinTech readers also commented that iPhone SE jailbreak is possible. Which after testing Yalu on iPhone SE, i can confirm that it’s possible to jailbreak iPhone SE on iOS 10 / iOS 10.1.1 via mach_portal + Yalu jailbreak. However, you should note that the new iOS 10 jailbreak tweak by Yalu is still in beta phase, which means it could contain some bugs, so if you are planning to jailbreak iPhone SE on iOS 10 via Yalu jailbreak, we recommend that you exercise extreme caution and perform the jailbreak only if you are confident.

Apple launched the iPhone SE back in March to target emerging markets where most of the populace find it difficult to afford expensive high-end iPhone devices. As you might know, Android rule the emerging markets with its vast range of low to mid range Android mobile devices within the purchasing power of many. So it makes sense that Apple wanted to share some of Android’s pie in those market by releasing a device that looks like iPhone 5s but sports the interior specs of iPhone 6 and 6s allowing iPhone SE users to enjoy advanced features at an affordable price.

Now why this Yalu jailbreak worked with iPhone SE? The answer is simple, Yalu was released originally with support for iPhone 6S among the handful of few other devices. And since iPhone SE shares the same internal specs as iPhone 6S, it not hard to grasp the jailbreak exploit which was designed to work on iPhone 6S specs also happened to work on iPhone SE just the same.

As the mach_portal + Yalu jailbreak is compatible with iPhone 6S, it means you can also use it on iPhone SE which houses most of the same specs as the iPhone 6S, despite the iPhone SE not being listed among the devices compatible with Yalu jailbreak when it released only a few days ago.

So if you own an iPhone SE device running on iOS 10 or iOS 10.1.1, you are in for a surprise as this latest iOS 10 Yalu jailbreak tweak also works your iPhone SE. Don’t feel left out, jump on the jailbreak wagon at once.

We would like to once again remind you that the Yalu jailbreak is in beta and doesn’t official offers support for iPhone SE. Therefore, we suggest that if you have been harboring a wish of jailbreaking iPhone SE for a long time and can’t wait to jailbreak your device to unfetter it from the Apple’s iOS cage, do so knowingly full well all the risks attacked to jailbreaking a device that wasn’t termed as compatible by the developers of the jailbreak tool at the time of its release.

Here you can find all the required information and method to jailbreak iOS 10 / 10.1.1 with mach_porta + Yalu.

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