iPhone Battery Life Takes A Major Blow Since iOS 10.2 Update, Contagious Glitch Affecting Other iOS Versions As Well

ios 10.2 glitch is causing battery issues on iphone say latest reports

Only until recently we heard of a problem afflicting iPhone 6s battery which caused affected devices to randomly shut down as soon as they hit around 30 percent battery charge level. Later, it was unearth the main reason behind the iPhone 6s battery issue was the manufacturing negligence that exposed the device’s internals to gratuitous air contact during the assembling process. According to latest reported, the iOS battery issue has gotten even worse since the iOS 10.2 update. The battery issue was limited to only iPhone 6s previously, but now it has spread over to other iOS devices.

iPhone Battery Issues Get Worse Since iOS 10.2 Update Which Is Now Affecting All iOS 10.2 Running iPhone Devices

The iOS 10.2 was released a couple of weeks ago by Apple. With iOS 10.2 update, Apple has stopped signing previous iOS versions, so if you have upgraded to iOS 10.2, you cannot revert back to previous iOS versions. In iOS 10.2 update, Apple has introduced plenty of great new features such as Wallpapers, Apple TV, fixes, performance enhancement tweaks, updated photo app. See details of changes in iOS 10.2 and update it.

If you haven’t upgraded your device to iOS 10.2, we suggest that you hold off for a bit until Apple releases a bug fix that causing battery issues on iOS 10.2 running devices. The problem was limited to iPhone 6s, but recent reports are showing claiming that the battery issue has deteriorated further in iOS 10.2 for iPhone. Since Apple has stopped signing older iOS firmware, those who have already updated their devices to iOS 10.2 are stuck because they cannot downgrade to older iOS firmware versions.

One way to address iOS 10.2 battery issue is to upgrade to iOS 10.2 beta 7 (latest available beta version). Some users are of the view that upgrading to iOS beta has solved some of the battery related issues that had grappled their devices since the iOS 10.2 update. If your iPhone is randomly shutting down when reaching 30% to 50% charging level, its best that you update to iOS 10.2 beta until Apple released official fix. What are your thoughts on this issue, let us know in comments section below.

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