iPhone 8 To Have Full Glass Front and Back, Stainless Steel Base For Top-End Models – Apple Rumors


It has only been a few weeks since we witnessed the launched of the latest Apple flagship devices the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, but the rumors mill is already buzzing with the information about the next iPhone device, purportedly called iPhone 8. Reputable Apple insider and leaker Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities stirred the pot this week when he alleged that Apple is set to completely overhaul its next flagship smartphone, reportedly being termed the iPhone 8, will feature glass panels on both front and back ends of the device and the top-end model with stainless steel base. All these changes are designed to produce a completely different looking iPhone to mark the landmark 10th anniversary of the iconic industry changing phone. In last iPhone 8 rumors, we discussed that the next Apple smartphone may feature virtual button, curved edges, wireless charging, better display and more.

If this rumors does indeed turn out to be true, this would harken back to the days the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S that had glass on both front and back ends of the device. Analysts are of the view that a glass body would make it possible to produce a device similar to that of the iPhone 7 Jet Black but the one that would be less prone to scratches and better durability. iPhone 7 Jet Black is extremely sensitive to scratches.

According to KGI Securities, almost 50% iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus order consist of the Jet Black variant, indicating a solid demand for the a black rather than a silver or a grey colored iPhone. Apple has suggested to keep Jet Black iPhone in case to protect it from catching scratches.

As per rumors, a glass body with stainless steel or aluminum bits in the design would make it possible to produce new looking (and much needed one at that) iPhone device. Kuo seems to be hinting that the stainless steel finish may be limited to the top-end premium models of iPhone 8 or whatever Apple decides to call it. However, it should reminded that glass iPhone, as we witnessed several cases with iPhone 4/4S, is susceptible to breakage.

In order to avoid repeating the mstakes of the past with iPhone 4/4S glass panel, Apple is allegedly on course to replace the standard 3D glass with 2.5D glass for iPhone 8. This would surely make iPhone 8 more durable compared to previous glass covered iPhone 4/4S.

Apple in all likelihood would launch iPhone 8 in September of next year on cue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone. So far what we have been able to gather from rumors is that the next iPhone may have a completely new design, but whether stick with iPhone 8 as a name for its next phone remains to be seen. As far as iPhone is concerned, 2017 could be the biggest iPhone launch since the first one launch back in 2007 by Steve Jobs.

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