iPhone 8 To Cost Above $1000 – Is This ‘Break The Bank’ Price Tag Justified? Let’s Find Out

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In an astonishing and potentially heartbreaking news for Apple fans, and especially for those who were looking forward to the next iPhone 8, Cupertino giant is all set to laugh its way to the bank, yet again, with all the money it’s planning to squeeze out of customers’ pockets with the 10th Anniversary edition of its iconic iPhone device. Leaked information and rumors related to the next flagship smartphone from Apple are arriving thick and fast these days. Rumors have it that Apple is going to charge you above $1000 bucks in return for offering premium quality specs, redesigned device, and some unique features. But does this humongous price tag make any sense? Let’s find out.

The Apple iPhone 8 Will Be More Expensive To Make Up For The Additional Cost Incurred Due To 3D Touch Sensors, Top-End AMOLED Display & Other Premium Specs

Apple no longer cares about increasing price for its iPhone with each successive model, as the company knows its fans and prospected buyers are going to buy its smartphone anyway. It may sound snotty on Apple’s part but won’t be the first time the iPhone maker raises the price of iPhone in return for offering better specs than the last model. The alleged price tag of over $1000 will make the iPhone 8 more expensive than the current iPhone 7 models. Do note that ‘iPhone 8’ is only a rumored name for the device; Apple could go with a different name this time around to distinguish its 10th anniversary edition of iPhone.

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An online publication Fast Company has come up with a claim that its source is privy to intimate details about the next iPhone device from Apple. According to the source, the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display panel, which isn’t a that surprising considering we have already seen reports on the matter before. However, the main bit in this round of rumors is the price tag at which the iPhone 8 will be sold. The device is expected to cost over $1000. So better start saving money now if you want to be able to afford the iPhone 8.

Reports are also claiming that the launch of the iPhone 8 will be sometime later this year. Furthermore, rumors are being thrown around that the next Apple iPhone device will be available in not two but three variants separated by screen size. We may see iPhone 8 in a 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch, and the new 5.8-inch models with the last one being tipped to be given the title of the flagship device and unique features.

Construction of the next iPhone 8 is said to be a combination of glass and metal. Some reports are even going as far to claim that even the volume buttons will be made up of touch sensitive glass panels. An edge-to-edge curved display is also on the cards.


Apple will pass on the added cost of delivering expensive OLED displays to the end consumer. The source is also claiming that the aluminum frame will feature along with non-existent bezels in the next iPhone. 3D touch sensor technology is also expected to feature in the next iPhone device.

Our source says Apple has been working with Lumentum (formed when JDS Uniphase split in 2014) on 3D-sensing technology for the new high-end phone. It remains unclear how the technology will be applied, however. It could be used to recognize the user’s face for authentication. It could also be used in the camera to provide better image resolution. It could even be used in some form of augmented reality application, according to our source.

Moreover, we finally get to see optical fingerprint sensor technology replacing iconic home button on the device. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do share in the comments section and keep coming back for all latest iPhone 8 news, rumors, and leaks.

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