iPhone 8 Tipped to Have Touch ID & Front Facing Camera Under the Display Screen


Rumors about the iPhone 8 with bezel-less display are gathering steam. Previous render images of the next Apple flagship smartphone also alluded to a device devoid of any bezels on the front display screen. Which now leads us to this latest report that’s claiming that to accommodate seamless bezel-less screen with maximum viewing angels, Apple will slot in touch ID sensor and selfie camera inside the touch-sensitive front glass panel. This is contrary to some recent leaks that suggested Apple is planning to move fingerprint on the back end of the device a la Samsung Galaxy S8. Lets find out more.

Latest Rumor Reports the iPhone 8 to Sport Virtually Non-Existent Bezels and Concealed Front Facing Selfie Camera to Accommodate Larger Display Screen without Increasing Device Footprint

Apple is believed to be working on several iPhone 8 prototypes at the same time. Based on the information shared by a source from Foxconn and which got down to us via iDrop News outlet, the next iPhone model most likely to get the green signal for production from Apple’s hierarchy is the one that has the Touch ID sensor and front-end selfie camera lens beneath the display screen invisible to normal eye by responsive to touch.

It’s not hard to imagine the rationale behind this decision from Apple, as incorporating the Touch ID and selfie camera under the display, rather than on a dedicated space allotted to fit in both features, would allow for a larger display screen with the same footprint as the current iPhone 7 models that can be used with a single hand. Moreover, it will also make it possible to produce a device with literally non-existent top and bottom bezels.


Bezel-less smartphones are in fashion these day and manufacturers are sensing this changing user taste with devices sporting minimum to no bezels on the screen. Since modern smartphones are used more for watching videos, shows, movies, clips and GIFs than calling, this change in usage pattern is stocking rivalry among phone manufacturers as to who can come up with devices with best body-to-screen ratio. Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup is the latest to embrace this trend, while Xiaomi’s Mi Mix has arguably the best screen-to-body ratio among most modern smartphones.

The anonymous source further states that the iPhone 8’s bezels will be of 4mm in size, which will be quite an achievement if Apple does indeed manage to pull it off. So what are your thoughts on this latest iPhone 8 rumor? Do bezel-less phones appeal to you? Share your views in the comments section below.

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