iPhone 8 Non-Curved OLED Display, iPhone 7 Plus Level RAM, 3GB RAM, And 64GB/256GB Storage Options – [Latest Rumors Recap]


iPhone 8’s official launch is still months away but rumors have already started emerging with increased frequency largely because this year’s Apple flagship phone is being tipped to be the most different iPhone model in years to mark iconic device’s 10th anniversary. New reports coming out of various sources are claiming to be in possession of accurate information regarding the iPhone 8. Let’s see what rumored specs will be available in the next Apple iPhone device.

iPhone 8 To Start With 64GB Base Model, No Curved Display, Same RAM As iPhone 7 Plus & More

TrendForce has issued a report detailing the features that are likely to constitute overall iPhone 8 model. Most the specs are in line with the previous rumors, but perhaps the curved display being the only exception. According to this report, iPhone 8 may not feature a curved but flat OLED panel display, which flies in the face of previous iPhone 8 rumors claiming that the device will feature a curved display.

Another interesting bit of the rumor is related to the RAM size on the next iPhone. It’s being said that the RAM in the iPhone 8 will be kept the same as found in the present iPhone 7 Plus model. Since Apple has a complete control over the iOS firmware, it makes it easy for the company to streamline software and hardware to work perfectly in tandem, and in turn affording Apple the luxury to keep the RAM at the same level despite ramping up other specs.

Moreover, it appears, following 16GB models, the 32GB iPhone variant is also getting the axe from Apple. iPhone 7 may be the last model to come with a 32GB storage. Rumors are suggesting that starting from iPhone 8 Apple is planning to start base model from 64GB all the way up to 256GB storage option.


The Chinese firm TrendForce is further claiming that the RAM on iPhone 8 will be kept at the same 3GB level as on the current iPhone 7 Plus. This may have a propitious impact on the device battery, so Apple fans need not worry about RAM. Less RAM is less taxing on the battery and if Apple decides to go with faster memory unit alongside lower RAM, it could give a real boost to the overall performance level. A smaller 4.7-inch model could come with 2GB RAM along with 64GB base model and 256 GB high-end variant.

Now, onto display, the claims made by TrendForce seem to suggest that the Apple will launch the next iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge and bezel-less OLED display panel. We are also hearing that Apple is finally ready to ditch the famous Home/Touch ID button in iPhone 8, which has been one constant feature on all iPhone models since the first iPhone back in 2007. A new function area similar to the MacBook touch bar might replace the Home button.

Another interesting bit about this report relates to the curved edged display. TrendForce report repudiates the rumored curved OLED display on iPhone 8 by calming the Apple is sticking with flat panel display with this year’s model.

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This report is also alluding to the previous rumors that Apple will jump up the price of the next iPhone with some models even costing above $1000 each. This is adding fuel to the speculations that Apple will justify this price hike by offering unique specs such as 3D camera sensors, advanced facial recognition and more. Wireless charging is another feature that repeatedly gets mentioned in the rumor mill.

In the end, we would like to remind you that all these are still rumors and nothing can be said with surety until some sort of official hint or announcement is made by Apple. We will keep you updated on everything latest regarding the iPhone 8 rumors, leaks, specs, price and general information, so stay tuned.

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