iPhone 8 Geekbench 4 Benchmark Results Are Out!… And They Are Unbelievable

iphone 8 geekbench 4 benchmark results and scores

Apple released iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus along with its flagship iPhone X a couple of weeks ago. Today we are going to share iPhone 8 Benchmark test results with you guys that will help you ascertain the real processing power of Apple’s new iPhones. Benchmarks for iPhone 8 show a stunningly powerful device that outpaces even a 2017 MacBook Pro Core i5 model as well as many other Windows Notebooks. Here are the details.

According to latest benchmark test result scores, new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are powerhouses. And things don’t just end there, Apple’s new phones have proven themselves to be a solid architectural achievement even when stacked up against a MacBook Pro 13-inch and a Windows 10 Notebook.

iPhone 8 Video Editing Benchmark Tests Show That The Device Blows Away The OnePlus 5 & Galaxy Note 8 And Even Gives Notebooks A Tough Competition

Tom’s Guide is a reliable name in benchmark testing. They recently tested various aspects of the new iPhone 8 merely to have some fun, which explains why they even contemplated to measure the performance of the 4.7-inch iPhone against the MacBook Pro and Dell’s XPS 13 in Geekbench 4 tests. Well, as it turned out, the end results took everyone by surprise. In the multi-core tests, both notebooks ended up being no match to the iPhone 8’s power. Just a reminder that Apple’s Macbook Pro 13-inch model is powered by a Cote i5 processor which is no muck when it comes to efficiently handling multiple tasks at a brisk pace.


This goes on to show that Apple has taken significant strides when it comes to improving the processors of its smartphone and tablet devices. Recent benchmarks demonstrated that iPad Pro breezed past MacBook Pro in different tests that further solidifies the fact that Apple’s mobile chips are fast catching up with its laptop devices in terms of sheer power. What’s even more surprising is that the iPhone 8 Plus managed to outperform the iPhone 8 by achieving a higher score, which is really impressive when you take into account that the former boasts a higher resolution GPU-intensive display.


On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 and the OnePlus 5 were not even in the contest when pitted against the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in benchmarks tests. Apple’s phones almost decimated their counterparts when measured for performance levels. And after these results, we can be nearly certain that even the next generations chipsets from Samsung and Qualcomm would find it extremely challenging to match the raw power of Apple’s new beasts.


Apple claims that its A-11 chips are the most powerful the company has ever produced, which perhaps explains why the Cupertino firm repeatedly stressed on the point during its keynote that the new iPhone 8 devices will be able to easily handle 4K at 60 Frames per second. In short, Apple has, with a single stroke of genius, completely blown away its rivals in smartphone/tablet processing power competition. Let’s see whether other companies manage to mount a comeback in the next iterations of their smart devices.


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