iPhone 7 Records UHD Videos at Twice the Frame Rate as other Flagship Smartphones, claims a source.


Most flagship smartphones these days are capable of recording 4K videos at 30FPS. Many are wishing for the time when technology is in such an advanced stage that users can record 4K videos at staggering 60 FPS (frames per seconds). Well, if one sources is to be believed, we may very well have arrived at such a point in technological advancement in the form of Apple’s iPhone 7 when you can use smartphone camera to record stunning 4K videos at double the currently prevalent frame rate speed. A Vietnamese website recently posed a claim that the iPhone 7 can record UHD videos at an exceptionally high frame rate, which is almost double the speed of most other major flagship phones around.

According to a Vietnamese Blog, iPhone 7 is Capable of Recording 4K Videos at 60 FPS, and has a cool Waterproof body

The report says that with iPhone 7 it is possible to record 4K footage at 60 frames per second. Cameras on most other smartphones from major manufacturers can record UHD 4K videos at standard 30 FPS. If the report of new iPhone 7 recording UHD videos at 60 FPS indeed turns out to be then it can be said the Apple has well and truly upped the ante on other smartphone manufacturers to come up with better mobile cameras. Reports goes on to state further that this double FPS features will be a part of both iPhone 7 Plus which has dual-camera as well as smaller 4.7 inch iPhone 7 variant.


This rumors also lends credence to the claim that Apple is about to pull the plug on basic 16 GB iPhone model, replacing it 32 GB basic model as new features such as 4K videos at double frame rate require more memory storage for which 16 GB storage space was simply not enough. But as we have seen in other 4K devices, even 32 GB space is not sufficient for recording and saving 4K videos at 60 FPS.

Apple iPhone 7 is alleged coming with waterproof body, which will not be the first time on any iPhone model that such a feature has been incorporated but certainly it will an improvement over the current waterproof capabilities of iPhone 6S series of models as evidenced by the the IPX7 certification awarded to iPhone 7.

IPX7 certification means that iPhone 7 can survive under 1 meter of water level for as long as 30 minutes. Apple watch also comes with IPX7 certification. According to rumors the SIM tray on the new iPhone 7 will be sealed with rubber to provide added layer of safety to the phone. Some users, who have been lucky enough to spend some hands-on time with iPhone 7 leaked models have posted on the internet that the home button on the device will be touch sensitive. But these claims are yet to be backed up by a photographic evidence, so rushing to believe them would be a bit premature.

Please note that all this is just a rumor and guesses and should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing can be officially verified until the Apple iPhone 7 launch event on September 7th. Let wait and watch whether these rumors holds any water or are they just a flash in the pan.


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