iPhone 7 Plus in the Black Color Model with Leaked Images Show Dual Camera


As the iPhone 7 launch gets ever so close, pace of rumors and leaks has also picked up. Apple is reported to launch its next flagship iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices in multiple colors debuting some brand new colors never seen before on an iPhone device. One new colors that everyone has been talking about is the all black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variant. Here we have leaked images of upcoming iPhone 7 Plus model in black color with alleged dual camera in the back.

Insignificant Design Changes are Expected in iPhone 7 Plus over iPhone 6S Plaus – As is shown in the images below

As far as design is concerned, there is not much to differentiate between iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus models. Most significant change that one sees in the leaked images is the dual camera at the back side. Another change that is apparent in the leaks is the re-positioned antenna band from the back side in the current models to the edges in the upcoming 7 series models. And of course, black color of the new iPhone 7 Plus in the image is the biggest new change that is easily noticeable.


Last year in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models, Qualcomm was the main LTE chipset provider. However, this year rumors suggest that Intel has also been tasked with manufacturing LTE chips for the upcoming iPhone 7 devices, which could be termed as an ingenious move on Apple’s part as Intel is renowned for producing quality processors.


There is another thing that makes a sense from business standpoint for Apple. By contracting two suppliers for chip manufacturing it will be in the driver’s seat when the time comes for the chip price negotiations, allowing Cupertino giant to pick the supplier offering most favorable price and terms of agreement. Both Qualcomm and Intel will put their best resources into the chip manufacturing to secure future contracts from Apple and in the process giving Apple high quality chips that would have a positive impact on sales.


According to leaked rumors about specs, iPhone 7 Plus is expected to support more efficient battery that would last longer on regular charge. New Apple iPhone models would allegedly offer high internal storage along with new FoWLP chip technology. This technology allows to slimmer devices because it doesn’t depend on a PCB to functioning. FoWLP technology saves battery and is more efficient.

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