iPhone 7 Leaked Images – Apple’s New Device with Design Changes


iPhone 7 is upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple that would reportedly hit the markets in September. So, all those Christmas shoppers would have something new to look forward to again this year thanks to Cupertino tech giant. If you have been anxious to known how would the new iPhone look like then here we have brought some renderings of the most likely design of the next iPhone based on information provided by reliable tech industry insiders. See below iPhone 7 leaked images to see for yourself what to expect in Apple’s new iPhone with design changes.

Images posted here are the 3D renderings of the next iPhone designed by Martin Hajek, who has a reputation of bringing authentic tech leaks because he works with famous gadget sleuth Steve Hemmerstoffer who rarely misses the mark when it comes to leaking images of gadgets, especially Apple products, before their imminent launch. With Hemmerstoffer legendary status as tech tipster, we can be certain that the new iPhone devices will resemble the ones you see in this post.

According to sources, the iPhone 7 Plus will come with Dual lens back camera, iPhone 7 supports large single camera.


As we can see in CAD (Computer-aided design) renderings of the iPhone 7 which Hemmerstoffer leaked earlier this week after they were reportedly posted by a Chinese source. These leaked images comply with the iPhone design concept created by Hajek in pictures above.

Images of iPhone renders show the camera lens difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with former supporting single lens camera and the latter coming in with dual camera with enhanced image stabilization features and robust color contrast.


One interesting aspect that these renderings have brought to our notice is the peculiar absence of antenna lines from the larger iPhone 7 Plus models. Looking closely at both images makes it evident that only iPhone 7 4.7-inch model has redesigned antenna lines, which as per rumors would wrap around the top and bottom edges of the phone instead of being on the back side like on current iPhone 6 and 6S models. Larger iPhone 7 model hasn’t got any antenna strips on it at all.


Another thing that rendered designs seem to be confirming is that no headphone jack is present alongside speakers, which appears to have been replaced by another speaker for better sound quality.


But then again these are all just rumors and should be taken as a pinch of salt. Leaks or no leaks, no one can be certain as to the exact design of the next iPhone device until its launch event in September. However, these are as close as we can be sure to get to predicting the design of Apple’s iPhone 7 models.

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