iPhone 7 is Rumored to Launch on 7th September with Huge Price Hike


As the iPhone 7 launch event is approaching ever so close, we are hearing about some sort of iPhone 7 related rumors almost every other day. There is never a dull day as far as rumors are concerned when the launch of new Apple devices gets near. Throughout this year we heard rumors about upcoming iPhone 7’s design, specs and more. While, as per leaks, we should not expect major changes in external design, however, the new device is rumored to offer many internal changes that should keep sales steady until the launch of much hyped landmark 10 year anniversary launch of the iPhone next year. Latest rumors are about iPhone 7 release date and iPhone 7 price.

iPhone 7 All Set to Launch on September 7th with new Price Structure

Internet has been awash with the rumors related to both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. We know that non-stop Apple rumor mill has churned out details about three device models and dual camera on bigger phablet device. We have been hearing about this dual camera rumor for quite a while now, it’s as if it the the integral part of every rumor related to iPhone 7. Absence of 3.5mm headphone jack has also been reported by many industry sources and experts.

Here we have latest information about iPhone 7 release date and pricing structure. Apple is wont to release its new fall devices in September and particularly on Wednesdays. To make the name of its new iPhone resonate with the launch data, Apple has picked 7th September launch date for its iPhone 7 devices. But nothing is confirmed yet, all these are just rumors, Apple might change launch dates later as it deems fit.


And as far as pricing of the new iPhone 7 devices are concerned, we don’t have a good news, or rumor should i say, on this front. According to sources, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus might cost somewhere above $700 price range. On a brighter side, base storage has been beefed up from 16GB to 32GB. If rumors are to be believed, those interested in iPhone 7 32GB model should spare staggering $796. While, the iPhone 7 32GB model might set you back eye-watering $916 bucks as per rumors, yes, you read it right, its going to be that pricey if this rumors holds true. These prices are for unlocked devices, models linked to carrier networks should come with easy monthly price packages.

Some sources are claiming that iPhone 7 unlocked 32GB models might come at cheaper $549, which would be a considerable drop from what we have been hearing about prices of iPhone 7 devices lately. But then again all this is still rumor, so take such rumors with a pinch of salt. Anyway, according to recent rumor trends iPhone 7 models are all set to cost more than previous iPhone devices.

Let us know what’s your take on these rumors in the comments sections below and stay tuned for more rumors, leaks and information about upcoming iPhone 7.

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