iOS 11 Common Problems And Fixes

fix common issues on ios 11 tips and tricks

Here you will find solutions to the most common iOS 11 problems. If you want to know how to fix iOS 11 issues, bugs, and problems since updating your iPhone or iPad to latest firmware, then follow the instructions in this post to learn all about the fixes to the common iOS 11 problems on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Let’s admit the chance of trying new OS features sometimes prove too much for some to resist. Chance of experiencing new changes to the UI often compels users to recklessly install a new firmware update without paying much heed to the consequences of such an action. Sometimes a new major OS update contains bugs, faulty installation files, incompatibility issues, and many other reasons that can render your iPhone or iPad effectively useless. As a result, instead of enjoying new features people end up spending most of their time looking for solutions. If you have been an unfortunate victim of iOS 11 bugs and errors after updating the firmware on your iPhone and iPad, you can find fixes for some of the most common issues with iOS 11 in this one location.

WiFi Problem: Some owners of Apple iPhone and iPad devices are reporting having issues with WiFi connectivity and reception ever since updating to the iOS 11 firmware update. On some devices, WiFi signals show full bars on the top menu bar but browsing is either very slow or nothing loads at all. Check out the link below to find more information about the problem and its solution.

Bluetooth Issues: Bluetooth is one of the commonly used features on a smartphone or tablet. Daily millions use it on iPhone or iPad to establish wireless connection between a mobile device and an external headphone, earpiece, speaker, TV set, or other devices. Problem with Bluetooth not working issue is that it is hard to know when it’s simply malfunctioned or not working. To make matter worse, iOS 11 Bluetooth doesn’t work the way as it used to on previous version of the iOS firmware.

If you are experiencing issues with iOS 11 Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad, see the instructions in the links below to find out its fix.

OTA Update Failure: If you are facing issues with flashing OTA update to install iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad, and it remains stuck on the ‘Preparing Update’, see the link below to fix OTA update issues.

iOS 11 Device Slow Down Issue: Specific bugs in iOS 11 can cause your iPhone or iPad to stop working at its full potential. If you are having a slow device issue since updating your device to iOS 11, see the link below to learn more about it.

App Store Connection Error: iPhone and iPad are virtually useless without a properly functioning App Store app as this is where you will download most of iOS 11 app, games and tools. In iOS 11, Apple has completely revamped the App Store interface as well as its icon badge. If App Store access on iOS 11 is not working and you cannot wait to enjoy new UI experience, see the link below to learn how to fix the issue.

Battery Life Drain Problem: Battery life issue has been there as long as the iPhone and iPad device. iPhone/iPad battery life problems have always been a thorn in Apple’s way. Some users are reporting fast battery drain issue on iOS 11. If you are one of those, we have some tips in the link below that you might find useful.

Device Lag: After every major iOS update release, concerns about the lag in the performance of an iOS device start surfacing from various quarters. The problem is especially severe on devices with older hardware, such as iPhone 5S, SE, 5S Plus, and others. For fixing device lag or to speed up your iOS 11 device, see the link below for help.

Device Warm Up/Overheating: This is a common problems that the owners of iPhone and iPad keep complaining about from time to time. You should never take device overheating issue lightly, especially when it becomes a constant issue on your iPhone or iPad. See the link below for guidance on the matter.

iMessages & FaceTime Problems: iMessages and FaceTime are an important part of the overall iOS experience. It can really impair the user interaction with the iOS 11 firmware if these two essential applications don’t perform at their optimal level. Some users are reporting issues with the Handoff app as well after the iOS 11 update. In the link below, you can find tips to address these problems.

iOS 11 Storage Space Issue: Apple has made some great new changes in iOS 11 that allows plenty of ways to recover lost storage space on iPhone and iPad. You will find a complete detail in the link below.

So, these the common issues being reported by the users of iOS 11 devices. We will keep updating this post to as more issues and solutions are pointed as people get more familiar with the Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system. Stay tuned and bookmark this page to keep track of more fixes to common iOS 11 issues as they come along.

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