iOS 10.3 Full Version Is Out, Here’s A Complete Changelog With All New Features/Changes


Apple has released the final and full version of the iOS 10.3 via OTA update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Here’s a complete changelog with all the information you need to know regarding new changes, features, and settings that are coming your way in the latest iOS update.

Full iOS 10.3 with a list of all changes and improvements accompanying the update has been released by Apple. As is wont with Apple, the company releases a sidenote of changelog that contains information regarding everything new and improvements in the already available features to give users a clear idea about what are they getting in the latest update. Here you can find a complete changelog of information that was released along with the iOS 10.3 update by Apple.

After months of testing beta of iOS 10.3 to identify and remove errors and bugs, Apple thought now is the perfect time to release the full version of its new iOS 10 firmware for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and iPod devices. If you are using an iOS device, you must have received iOS 10.3 update notification by now via over-the-air update notification.

It somewhat surprising to see Apple releasing iOS 10.3 full version update immediately on the heels of recently rolled out iOS 10.2.1 update. Perhaps that explains why there are no significant changes in the user-interface department or app icons. Don’t expect any major shift when it comes to the aesthetics of the iOS 10.3 as the update primarily concerns with the performance improvements changes and some new features added to the mix.

See a complete list of changes in the images of the changelog shared below to get a better picture of the new features that you can enjoy in the iOS 10.3. This update can be said brings new features to the Apple Music services, the iMusic app, and Ear Pod. Starting from the iOS 10.3, you will be able to enjoy daily curated playlists to go with new music categories in Apple Music. Complete list of features in shown in the images below.

ios 10.3 changelog

ios 10.3 changelog

You can download iOS 10.3 from Settings > General > Software Update, if haven’t done so already. But remember OTA update method has it’s downfalls as well. For one, some files may not download properly on slow network, which may result in the update error or firmware not working as it should, or taking more space than normal after the update. To avoid such scenarios, we suggest that you follow our guides on manually updating iOS with IPSW links as it ensures secure and stable firmware installation with no performance issues surface after the update.

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