Intel Reveals A Lineup Of Kaby Lake 7th Generation Core Processors

intel kaby lake 7th gen processor announced

King of PC processors, Intel, unveiled its latest lineup of processors today. Previous series of Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs failed to gain much traction. This new Kaby Lake 7th Generation Core Processors lineup of CPUs come with improved performance, stable architecture, and is being tipped to feature as the main powerhouse in the Apple MAC computers in future.

Intel is marketing updated Kaby Lake 7th Gen Core Processors for both desktop PCs and laptops. According to the company, the new series of 7th gen core processors will cater the needs of both power consuming machines and the device designed to provide longer battery life.

The Kaby Lake Intel CPUs were launched back in August. So far, only Windows and Linux devices seemed to feature these core series of processors. Apple shied away from incorporating Kaby Lake CPU from Intel in its recently launched MAC devices citing the reason they were not fully ready to handle processor heavy tasks on MacBook Pros and iMacs.

With this refresh of Intel 7th gen core processor, Intel has embedded all the features and upgraded needed to function properly inside Apple’s MAC devices. This Kaky Lake 7th gen core processors possess all the power required to carry heavy editing, gaming, processing, other processor intensive tasks in MacBook Air devices all the way to iMacs. This development has opened up a possibility of potential iMac refresh with Intel Kaby Lake 7th core processors.

intel kaby lake 7th gen cpu announced

Intel unveiled fresh Kaby Lake core processors at CES 2017 in Las Vegas the other day. This update includes 7th Gen Intel Core chips getting power ratings ranging from 4.5W to 91W. Moreover, these 7th gen Intel chips support Intel Iris Plus graphics processors as well as Intel Xeon Processors, and Intel vPro.

The type of Intel processors that most closely align and could feature in MacBooks Air or similar device is the Intel U-Series chipsets. While the H-Series is aimed at high-performing laptops, most likely in MacBook Pro, and finally the Intel S-Series chips are suited for iMac computer.

With the Y-series processor family, 2 in 1s are reimagined, enabling thin and fanless designs for ultra-mobility. On U-series processors, enhanced productivity and creativity are possible in increasingly slim form factors without sacrificing battery life – in fact, new 7th Gen Intel Core U-series processors now provide up to 10 hours of battery life for the whole workday. Modern Standby ensures laptops resume with data ready in a flash.

All these new processor chips from Intel come with the Thunderbolt 3 support. We will keep you posted on further developments in due course, so stay tuned. Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or add us on Google+ to get the latest news, updates, information, solutions & help related to Apple, Android, Windows, and tech.

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