Install LG G6 Camera App on LG G5 [Fulmics ROM]

install lg g6 stock camera app on lg g5

It is now possible to port and install LG G6 stock camera app on LG G5 phone, follow the instructions in this post to learn how to port LG G6 camera app to LG G5. LG’s latest flagship phone the G6 is among the most popular Android smartphones due to its high-end specs, great build quality and lots of improvements in the working of the operating system.

The smartphone new design with curved edges and corners gives it a modern appeal. One major improvement has been in the camera department – dual lens main rear camera is capable of capturing stunning images and videos. It has to be said, when it comes to Android phones, the LG G6 is the closest competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 phones. This equation could, of course, change when Google launches its new Pixel phones later this year.

LG G6’s main back end has a 13 MP dual lens sensor – one with the f/1.8 aperture & phase detection AF and the other one with f/2.4 aperture with no auto focus. Great camera lens is of no little use unless accompanied by a decent camera app to take advantage of the superior sensor quality. And LG delivers on both fronts quite admirably. The LG G6 camera together with the G6 camera app will take your photography and mobile video shooting skills to another level.

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Thankfully, due to the efforts of dedicated Android developers over there at XDA forum, we are now in the position to port the LG G6 camera app over to the last generation LG G5 smartphone. This has been made possible by the fact that the LG G5 also feature a dual-lens camera setup like this year’s flagship phone, this means you can port and install dual-lens camera app of LG G6 on to the last year’s model without any issue.

If you are a user of the LG G5, then take a look at the guide below to learn how to install LG G6 camera app on LG G5.

lg g6 camera app for lg g5

How to Install LG G6 Stock Camera App on LG G5

An XDA developer has managed to crack the code to help Android users port the LG G6 camera app to the LG G5. Follow the steps below to install the camera app properly after which it will work like a charm. However, there are a few conditions for successfully installing the G6 camera app on the G5 phone.

First of all, the person who came up with this solution has been a dedicated developer of Fulmics ROM, which is a custom ROM for the LG G5 smartphone. It is based on the stock UI of LG phone but with more features, options and tweaks for faster performance.

Now this means your LG G5 must be running the Fulmics ROM in order to port the LG G6 camera app over to the LG G5. Moreover, the ported LG G6 camera app is only available for Fulmics ROM. So, make sure your device has Fulmics installed on it.



1 – Download and install Fulmics custom ROM on your phone.

2 – Power off your phone and boot it in recovery mode.

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3 – In the recovery mode, tap Install zip button.

4 – Select the camera app .zip file and swipe to flash it.

5 – Once done, reboot your phone back into the main firmware.

6 – That’s it. Here is the sample image.


Now when your LG G5 restarts, go to the app drawer and launch the camera app. Start using the LG G6 camera app with latest UI and better image quality and video enhancement features. Enjoy! and share with friends.

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