Install LawnChair Launcher on Android Device


How To Install LawnChair Launcher on Android PhoneGoogle is famous for releasing special goodies with its smartphones. We have seen the Nexus exclusive features in the past. Now the trend continues with the latest Pixel branded smartphones from Google. Both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones bring a lot of exclusive stuff that is aimed at improving the overall user experience. Both devices were launched just recently on the 4th October. As expected new Pixel phones are full of new interesting OS functionalities. Most sought after features on both smartphones is the revamped Pixel launcher and the Pixel 2 stock wallpapers.

Android developers are usually quick at cracking the code to enable porting the Google exclusive goodies on other Android powered devices. However, things are not exactly the same this time around. The Pixel 2 launcher is available only to the newly released smartphones. It is not yet compatible with all Android phones yet. The stock Pixel launcher on the Pixel  2 phones requires certain hardware and software to run properly. As always, Google has managed to design a stunning launcher for its smartphones. But as any Android enthusiast knows that nothing is beyond the capacity of Android developers over there at the XDA forum. One senior XDA member, who goes by the name of ‘deletescape’, has been able to mirror the entire Pixel launcher into a separate launcher app named the LawnChair Launcher. It enables users of non-Pixel 2 devices to enjoy same great experience and functions. The custom designed launcher comes with additional goodies on top of the stock Pixel launcher features.

You would be glad to read that the LawnChair Launcher does not require a rooted device. Yes, there is no need to perform Android root process to be able to use the launcher tool. All you have to do is to follow the steps below and start using it. There are also some exclusive feature that will delight users. Beside stock Pixel launcher features, there is the Pixel bar, the Google Now Tab, Iconpack, Icon resizing and more. App hiding feature allows you to make rarely used applications disappear from the interface. It gives users the ability to save the scrolling position in the app tray.

In simple words, LawnChair Launcher is the Pixel Launcher but with more features and no root required to function. LawnChair is now available on the Google Play Store. It requires Android 3.1 or higher to run on phones. Here is how you can manually install LawnChair Launcher on Android devices.

How To Install LawnChair Launcher on Your Android Device

1 – Download LawnChair Launcher APK from the link below.

2 – Copy the APK file to your device’s memory.

3 – Go to Settings > Security and make sure ‘Unknown Sources’ option is ticked/checked to allow direct installation from external links and sources.

4 – Open any file manager app, find the LawnChair APK and tap to install it.

5 – You can also directly download the app from the Play Store.

6 – Once installed, go to the home screen and tap on the LawnChair Launcher’s app icon to launch it.

7 – That’s it.

LawnChair Launcher APK | Download Link

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