Install Android ADB and Fastboot Drivers on PC Windows – [Quick Installation Guide]


Android ADB & Fastboot are indispensable when you try to unlock bootloader, root mobile device by flashing .img files, installing custom recovery files and lots more. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) facilitates connection between your phone and computer for rooting the mobile device, flashing its firmware or updating custom recoveries on it. You cannot access locked hidden potential of your mobile device unless you known how to install Android ADB & Fastboot on Windows PC/laptop.

To connect your device with PC you would first need to enable USB debugging mode on your mobile by navigating to Settings > Developers Options and to enable Fastboot mode connecting device with PC via USB cable and opening Fastboot option on for flashing .img files.

There are several tools available for installing Android ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC Windows and quickest of many is Minimal Android ADB & Fastboot driver tool and credit for developing this tool goes to Shimp208 otherwise installing Android ADB & Fastboot drivers via Android SDK tools took forever.


Minimal Android ADB & Fastboot driver is just 2MB in size. This time saving method of installing Android ADB & Fastboot drivers is for those who don’t want to go into a detailed process and only need these drivers for flashing the .img files. Android developers will have to use more complex Android SDK tool method of installing ADB & Fastboot drivers on Windows PC.

See step-by-step guide below to install ADB & Fastboot drivers quickly with minimal tool.

How to Install Android ADB & Fastboot Drivers on PC Windows (Quick Method):

1 – Download the Minimal ADB & Fastboot Drivers from Links below:

Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 (latest version v1.4)

2 – Launch minimaltool.exe file to install the tool on PC.

3 – Open Minimal Tool from Start menu, or from where you installed the tool or by going to Start > Program Files > Minimal ADB & Fastboot and press Shift key while right-click on an empty space to open Command Window.

4 – Place .img file in the Minimal Tool Folder located under Program Files option to installed the image file.

5 – Bring Fastboot mode on your device to access it. For example, on Sony devices turn off the device and then press and hold Volume Up key while connecting the USB cable with PC. On HTC devices access the device via HBoot and connect it to the PC.

6 – All done.

You have installed successfully installed Android ADB & Fastboot drivers in just a few minutes. Thought? Let us known what you think in the comments second below.

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