Install ADB and Fastboot on Mac – [How To Guide]


ADB and Fastboot is an important tool that helps Android users to root their devices. Anyone who has ever tried to root Android device must be familiar with ADB & Fastboot tool. What this tool does is it sends terminal commands to your Android device which is connected to PC via USB cable. You can download ADB and Fastboot on Windows PC and on Mac as well to root your Android device. In this guide we will focus on how to install adb and fastboot on MAC. ADB (Android Debugging Bridge) and Fastboot enables you to send terminal commands on to your Android device when it is in boot, recovery or normal running mode.

You can send plenty of commands from ADB and Fastboot tool to your device for performing variety of operations such as unlocking bootloader, rebooting the device in recovery mode, rooting Android device and much more. ADB and Fastboot is a complete package that helps users to flash firmware, both stock and custom firmware, on Android devices via commands from PC.

MAC owner should pay attention because here we are going to show you how to install adb and fastboot on MAC desktop or laptop. See steps in the guide below to install adb and fastboot on iMacs and Macbooks. Best thing about installing ADB and Fastboot on Mac is you don’t need to install additional drivers to get the tool in proper working mode. Only things you will be needing include a Mac (iMac or Macbook), File from the links below on Mac and a USB cable to connect the device with Mac.

Download Files:

Click on the links below to install following two files before starting ADB and Fastboot on Mac installation process.

Download | Mirror

How to Install ADB and Fastboot on MAC

Follow step below to get adb and fastboot installed on your MAC computer.

1 – Download the ( files from the links above on your Mac.

2 – Place the downloaded files on desktop.

3 – Double-click on the .zip file to unzip the Android file.

4 – Now you will get a file names ‘Android’ that contains both ADB and Fastboot for Mac.

5 – Next, hit ⌘ + space keys to search for a new terminal window from Spotlight search feature or go to Applications > Utilities folder to open a new terminal window on Mac.

6 – In the terminal window screen, type the following command

cd Desktop/Android

7 – Now to install ADB and Fastboot, type the following command or drag and drop ‘’ file into the terminal window


That’s all. You have successfully installed ADB and Fastboot on Mac. Now you can open the terminal window to type in adb and fastboot command to tweak your Android device. For any queries, leave comments below.

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