HTC Nexus Sailfish Image Leaked Confirming Design Rumors


Most of the major leaks updates throughout 2016 have been linked with the upcoming Apple flagship iPhone 7 devices, their models, specs and design. However, Google’s Nexus smartphone has not been far behind when it comes to attracting the attention of rumor mill. HTC Nexus Leaked Images is the hot news of the day. Google has contracted Taiwanese phone maker HTC for the manufacturing of its next Nexus devices that is being tipped to come out in two variants namely Nexus S1 and Nexus M1. We have a few leaks in the last few months and today another leaked images of the upcoming flagship Nexus S1 device from Google has surfaced that has caused a considerable stir in tech circles.

Leaked HTC Nexus S1 Images Showing an Upcoming Device’s Backside

We might have seen an image of the upcoming Nexus device thanks to a leaked image on Twitter. Leaked image is showing apparently Nexus S1 device from the backside. As we are well aware that the new device would come with a revamped design unlike any previous Nexus device. With a metal frame for the edges and a combo of materials for the backside, the new device is expected to bring refreshing new outlook to the Nexus lineup.

As you can see in the leaked image that both glass and plastic combine to form a unified whole on the backside of the device. This glass and plastic combo is rare for smartphone devices which is exactly why Google approved it in the first place in an attempt to differentiate its device from plethora of other phone in the already crowded smartphone market.


Google Nexus S1 or HTC S1 appears to have an pleasant appearance as can be seen in the image. But the S1 device lacks the uniform form factor of its M1 sister device, which indicated that HTC M1 (Marlin) might be a bit costly compared to S1. HTC M1 is all set to get all metal design this year while the S1 variant could be a low-end device with plastic body. We have seen a clear image of Nexus M1 yet, all we know for now are some rumors about its design and form factor.

As is shown in the rumored leaked images, there is a fingerprint sensor on the rare side of the Nexus S1. According to some hints the device might also support gesture based recognition system for unlocking the device along with app integration. What this means is you could open notification center just by swiping across the fingerprint sensor, there’s no need to touch the screen and swipe from top to bottom to open the notifications screen.

New Nexus S1 specifications show that the new device has Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. If this turns out to be true then this device might very well snatch the honor of being the fastest device of 2016 all depending on the processor type in the Exynos variant of course.

Nexus S1 includes 12 MP rear camera with a 5 inch display screen, battery of 3000mAh and 4GB internal RAM. HTC M1 and S1 devices are expected to come out in near the Christmas holiday season, although nothing is confirmed yet. We are anxiously waiting to see how the main Android devices of the year would stack against other flagships of the year.

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