HP Is Working On A New Supercomputer Named The Machine Which Will Be Almost 10,000 Times Faster Than Most PCs Today


HP has something special up its sleeves which, according to the tech giant, will shake the PC industry forever. HP is working on a new supercomputer called The Machine having processor power which will be staggering 10,000 times faster than most average PCs available today. HP is working on a slew of new devices including a mobile handset based on Windows software that are scheduled to launch in 2017. Industry reports are indicating that HP has already been working a new computer system for some years now and was waiting for the technology to get suitably advanced enough before the project can progress further. Finally it seems wheels are in motions once more as the project of creating the fastest PC ever enters its final stages. In fact, HP has even disclosed a working prototype of its upcoming supercomputer which the company has aptly named ‘The Machine’. According to the company, The Machine will revolutionize Memory-driver computing, as the device will be come with embedded specs specifically designed to facilitate memory based computing which will allows for extraordinary computing power and speed.

HP’s The Machine will set to take existing PC technology an unseen and unheard of level. The Machine will be capable of performance at an extremely high speed because its main power unit is not based on traditional processors, instead it will rely solely on memory to perform computing tasks allowing for a super speeds and high power.

HP’s The Machine Slated To Turn PC Industry Upside Down

HP has released an official prototype of The Machine as a reply to all those who were skeptical of the firm’s ability to come up with such a power device. It seems with The Machine, HP has settled doubts for once and for all by giving the world a glimpse of its next amazing technology. HP Enterprise’s business division announced that during testing The Machine has delivered speed of up to 8,000 times faster than conventional PCs. If this turns out to be true, it will be herald the emergence of the next era in PC industry. With Microsoft already working on rapid development of virtual reality features in its Windows 10 to make it capable to handle a virtual reality future, and now HP to soon launch The Machine which will almost certainly run on Windows 10 or later, we can expect some great new thing in PC industry in coming years.

But the exact launch of The Machine is known yet. It may still be a couple of years away from public release. Moreover, it will cater mainly to serve business needs instead of PC market. But, then again, who know HP may launch a low-scale PC version of The Machine for home and professionals. For now all things are pointing towards The Machine being marketed to handle huge servers of companies like Google, Facebook, and others. All is not doom and gloom for PC users in this regard as the HP says that the architecture being used in The Machine could be ported to fit the personal devices such as smartphones, PCs, laptops, desktop, tablets, and even smartwatches.

What Makes HP’s The Machine Work So Fast

So let’s see what makes The Machine perform calculations at an extraordinary speed. The device will use photonics to relay information and data via light which allows processors access data from a massive memory reservoir at rapid rates. In conventional PCs, computing speed suffers because the information and data first needs to be transferred between various processors. However, in The Machine all processors can be tapped via a single large memory pool simultaneously, which can handle multiple calculations at a super fast speed.

The Machine Will Allow For Adding Extra Memory

The Machine has room for adding further processor power and increasing speed by allowing space for slotting in extra memory to the device if the need arises. The Machine prototype shows that it supports 8 terabytes of memory – about 30 times more than a traditional super servers hold at present and more the hundreds of times the amount of RAM found in PCs.


Martin Fink, former HP CTO, during a presentation about The Machine back in 2014

HP is stopping there, it’s planning to increase on-board memory from 8 terabytes to double digits in the full version of the The Machine. HP is also working on a new type of memory chip being termed a memristor whose specialty is that it will be able to retain and keep data save even when its powered off and not connected to a power source, thus, negating the possibility of data loss due to sudden power cuts. Although, memristor is work-in-progress, but it’s believed that it will be made available by the time The Machine will be ready for sale sometimes in 2018 or 2019.

As there’s still time until the eventual release of The Machine, we are keeping our fingers crossed that HP will release a smaller PC version of its supercomputer for personal users. So, what are your thoughts on this great next? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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