How To Write Better Captions On Instagram – [Best Ways]

4 best ways to write better captions on instagram

See best ways to write better captions on Instagram to broaden your post reach and gain more followers quickly. Many Instagram users struggle to come up with the perfect caption that best describes their photo or video which can effect its chances to make it to the popular page of Instagram. But actually it’s not that hard to master the art of conjuring up perfect captions for your photos and videos on Instagram as we are going to show you in this post.

If you are not an Instagram celebrity with hundreds and thousands of followers then let’s just admit that you are going to find it hard to make photos and videos feature on the Popular page. Many do the hard bit of loading and editing photos but find themselves clueless when it comes to think of a perfect caption for their photos and videos, instead waste several hours thinking what caption would best represent your photo or video. It may sound surprising but it’s very common on Instagram that users often post their photos and videos with a unrepresentative caption. But its quite easy actually to write the perfect caption on Instagram posts.

Best Ways To Write Better Captions On Instagram

Here’s what you need to do in order to write standout captions on Instagram posts.

Avoid Long Caption: First mistake that many Instagram users commit is related to caption size. Keep Instagram caption short for maximum impact. Try to keep your photo caption to maximum four lines of text. Caption with 200 character is the best length. This way to you won’t veer away from what you are trying to convey by mainly focusing on the relevant information.

However, brands like NatGeo and Nike Running do prefer long photo captions for their posts and still manage to attract quite a lot of interest. But then again, they are established brands. For normal user, the best policy would be to be consistent with caption length. Posting long captions with every post will make it easier for followers to predict them. And it you throw in your post with long caption in plethora of posts with short captions, no one will bother reading it leading to ever decreasing user engagement with your posts.

Don’t Use Links: At the time of this writing, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share a link in the caption of your post. Even if you share a link in a caption, don’t expect smartphone users to copy and paste it into the browser app to visit that particular link.

There are two ways you can use Instagram to drive traffic to your website: first is to share the link in the bio of your account and keep it mentioned in profile bio for up to 24 – 48 hours after posting and referencing that link in the caption. Other way is to use Instagram ads in order to show a ‘learn more’ button under your promoted post.

Add Personality: This may be a bit subjective and vary from user to user which also makes it harder to implement but also the important part of make your Instagram post stand out from the millions of other posts. Here’s what you can do to add more personality to your Instagram post.

  • Analyze popular Instagram accounts to learn what are they doing right which are missing in your account. Take aspiration from other accounts.
  • Don’t write caption and post immediately. Rather, write and read it to see if it makes any sense with your post.
  • Choose only the relevant emoji, captions, and hashtags with your posts.
  • Use relevant puns and slang phrases.
  • Turn your average caption into an interesting one by using alliteration in captions.

Stay Away From Captions: Try to avoid hashtags in captions as often as possible. Avoid hashtags unless they are absolutely important for the marketing of your product or campaign. What you can do is to add hashtags to the first comment on the post. In order to make it less distracting for readers, have hashtags written in some notes app, and copy it to comments on Instagram to truncate after the first ellipsis.

Here’s what that looks like:

#inkhouse #dogsofinkhouse #inkhousewoo #pr #socialmedia #agencylife #boston #waltham #sf #sanfrancisco #pragency #prssa #BOStoSFO #prlife

Instagram tips and tricks

In the end we would like to mention that there is no such thing as perfect Instagram caption. Each brand’s policy, audience and requirements are different from others. What works for one may not be appropriate for another. Try different methods, spot trends in performance, and customize to ensure more success.

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