How To Use Two Facebook Accounts on iPhone & Android Smartphones

two facebook accounts on iphone and android

Today we are going to show you how to get Two Facebook accounts on iPhone and Android smartphones without having to jailbreak or root your device. Facebook, by default, doesn’t allow you to use more than one account in its official iOS and Android applications. Facebook is the world’s biggest community of social media users. Many like to manage work and family related Facebook accounts separately. But there is no built-in feature in the Facebook’s mobile app for Android and iPhone that allows you to do that. So you have to get a bit creative in order to circumvent this restriction.

Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android has the option to add multiple accounts on it. We have also shared tips to add and use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device, iPhone users can follow this guide here. However, there is no such feature on the official Facebook app for Android and iOS.

Only way to get around this restriction and to use multiple Facebook accounts on a single Android/iOS device is to get a third-party app that supports the feature. You will find many such apps on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, but most of them don’t work or offer limited free features.

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So, we took it upon ourselves to test various apps on both Android devices and iPhone to find out the best applications that can be downloaded free and allow two Facebook accounts on iPhone and Android.

The apps we are talking about are the Friendcaster for Android, Friendly for iPhone and Parrallel Space for both Android and iPhone. These apps are specially designed to run two or more Facebook accounts. You can configure these app to set multiple Facebook account and easily switch between them with a single tap and without needing to sign out from any of them.

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Use Two Facebook Accounts on Android Devices

friendcaster for android apk download

The First app is the Friendcaster for Android. But wait, before jumping on to the Google Play Store to download the app you might want to keep on reading what we are going to discuss below.

Friendcaster for Android is not officially available on the Play Store, only way you can get the app is by manually downloading and installing it using Android APK file. If you are a computer user, then see our guide on how to use Android APK on Windows PC.

Friendcaster allows you to use two Facebook account on a single Android phone without having to log out from either one. This app has been removed from the Play Store for some reason. Here is how to use Friendcaster for Android:

1 – Download Friendcaster APK from this link here.

2 – Install APK your device and launch Friendcaster.

3 – For the first time, you need to enter main Facebook account details to log in.

4 – Once logged in, go to Preferences and tap Accounts.

5 – Now add second Facebook account. You can use this option to add more than two Facebook accounts as well.

6 – That’s it.

Friendcaster app has many great customization options.

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Use Two Facebook Account on iPhone

friendly for facebook iphone

iOS users who own an iPhone can use world’s biggest social networking app’s alternative for iPhone named Friendly for Facebook.

Friendly Facebook alternative app features lots of great options that allow you to add and use two Facebook accounts in iPhone. To use hacked version, check out this link on how to install Facebook++ for iPhone without jailbreak. Now, let’s see the steps on how to add two Facebook accounts in Friendly for Facebook.

1 – Grab your iPhone and download Friendly for Facebook from the App Store here.

2 – Open the app and tap on Add Account.

3 – Enter your main Facebook account credentials and log in.

4 – Tap on + Add account button and enter details of your second Facebook account.

5 – You can add more than two Facebook accounts on iPhone by repeating the previous step.

6 – That’s all.

Friendly is an amazing free multipurpose app that makes it possible to add not only multiple Facebook account, you can also use two or more Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger accounts in the Friendly for Facebook iOS app.

There are also plenty of customization options such as filters to set your Facebook feed by most recent and keywords. It has ad blocking feature as well. You can use this app to directly download Facebook videos and photos on your iPhone. App’s interface can be adjusted according to personal preference from the color themes and font size sections

Wrap Up

Android users can use either Friendcaster or Parallel Space (link shared above), and iOS users can get free Friendly for Facebook on iPhone to use two Facebook account side-by-side without having to log out.

Android users may want to be careful because there are many Parallel Space copycats on the play store that claim to offer the ability to use two Facebook apps on a single Android device but most of them don’t work. So download only the official Parallel Space app to get the best experience. That’s it guys, for now. Enjoy multiple Facebook accounts on a single Android and iPhone device and don’t forget to share this post with friends.

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