How To Use Snapchat Spectacles To Share Videos On Facebook

share videos recorded from snapchat spectacles on facebook

Snapchat Spectacles are amazing one-size-fits-all pair of sunglasses that can record videos as well. Now do more than just wear sunglasses with Snapchat’s latest cool multipurpose gadget. In this tutorial, we are going to walk you through a step-by-step procedure of how to record videos with Snapchat Spectacles and directly share them with friends and family on your Facebook.

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing tech companies. It’s success can be measured from its recent $42 billion IPO valuation. Snapchat wants to be more than just image sharing site. The company is looking to expand its revenue stream with the introduction of Snapchat Spectacles.

Snapchat glasses comes with a tap button located near the hinge, simply press the button to start recording quick 10-second videos of first-person footage of what you are looking at. As soon as the video is finished recording it’s immediately synchronized with a connected phone, which you can use to then share on Snapchat.

Videos are captured by a 115-degree-angle lens of the spectacle, which has been designed specifically to record videos as if you are seeing them from the naked human eye. And for the first time ever for any similar pair of glasses with video recording capability you will be able to capture videos in circular rather than normal boxed format to give as real a viewing experience as possible as if you are not recording videos but seeing them with your naked eyes. It’s truly a unique concept.

Snapchat Spectacles have shown that you can impress people without spending billions of dollars on expansive gadgets with huge specs. Snapchat have managed to cause a stir in tech industry with a mere pair of glasses with its revolutionary concept.

snapchat spectacles

How To Record And Share Videos From Snapchat Spectacles On Facebook

Snapchat has fitted in a built-in feature to directly share videos recorded from the glasses on to your connected Snapchat account. But what about you want to use Snapchat Spectacles to share videos on Facebook? Well, pick up your Snpachat glasses with a point-of-view camera and follow the steps below:

1 – Wear Snapchat Spectacles and press the record button on the top corner to start recording the video of whatever you are looking at.

2 – After recording the video, open the Snapchat app on your phone and switch to Camera View. Make sure view finder is properly fixed on the item you want to record and share.

3 – Now, just beneath the main Shutter button there is a small icon, the same button you use to access Memories on Snapchat. Tap on that button to go to the section where all recorded videos are placed.

4 – Next, in Memories, make sure Specs tab is selected from the top menu (Camera Roll option shouldn’t be selected at this point). This is where you will be able to access videos recorded from Spectacles. Tap on the ‘Select’ button from the top-right corner and then select the video you want to share on Facebook.

5 – This will show video into a new view from where you need to tap on the Share button in the tool bar at the bottom. This should be the second icon from left, tap on the button to open iOS share section.

6 – Select Facebook on the iOS share sheet followed by tags and status option which you wish to add with your video and then hit the Post button in the top-right corner.

7 – All done.

Impress your Facebook friends with your creative skills. The whole process is really simple and hardly takes a few seconds to share video from Snapchat Spectacks to Facebook.

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