How To Use Screen Recording Feature on iOS 11 [iPhone & iPad]

screen recording feature on ios 11

In this step-by-step tutorial, we are going to show you how to record screen on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has introduced screen recording for the first time in its latest iOS 11 mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Previously only way of getting screen recording on an iOS device was by either jailbreaking iPhone/iPad or by installing a third-party tool using IPA sideload method via Cydia Impactor. But now you are free from all such hassles as Apple now offers built-in screen recording feature in iOS 11 version.

It is still a mystery as to why it took Apple so long to bring native screen recording functions in its iOS mobile firmware. Android users have been enjoying this awesome ability for many years. iOS jailbreak community also had screen recording tweaks for iPhone and iPad. But for non-jailbroken iOS devices there was no easy way of getting screen recording functionality.

Apple’s announcement of equipping iOS 11 with the built-in screen recording feature at the WWDC back in June was met with positive response. In this guide, we are going to let you know How To Use iOS 11 Screen Recording feature on iPhone and iPad.

record screen on ios 11 iphone and ipad

How To Use iOS 11 Screen Recording on iPhone and iPad – [No Jailbreak Required]

Screen recording feature has long been at the top of the list of demands from iOS users. For some reason Apple continue to resist baking this important function into its iOS firmware. Finally, after years of waiting screen recording is now a native feature on iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad. Follow the steps below to learn how to use screen recording feature on iOS 11 devices.

Step 1 – Grab your iPhone or iPad and launch the Settings app.

Step 2 – Slide your finger down from the top of Settings app menu to see a search bar.

Step 3 – In the search bar, type Control Center and tap on it from the search result.

Step 4 – Alternatively, you can simple scroll down from the main Settings menu until your see ‘Control Center’ section.

Step 5 – Now, head over to Control Center > Customize Controls. Scroll down until you see Screen Recording option and tap on the green ‘+ (plus)’ sign icon to the left of the title. This is to add Screen Recording function to the Control Center.

Step 6 – Close Settings app and open the new Control Center on iOS 11 by sliding up from the bottom of the display screen. Here, you will see a new Screen Recording icon in the overlay.

Step 7 – Next, a simple tap on the Screen Recording icon will present a new animation showing a countdown with screen recording starting at the end of it.

Step 8 – To use screen recording, a long press and hold or 3D Touch on the screen recording icon will invoke a new overlay with options to start and stop recording along with options to decided whether to turn audio recording via microphone ON or OFF.

how to record screen on ios 11 iphone and ipad

Step 9 – Now tap on Start Recording and hit the Home button to exit that screen. You can then keep on interacting with your device as normal while screen recording does it works in the background of recording it. During the recording process you will see the status bar turning red that shows the recording process is underway.

Step 10 – When you are done with recording, tap on the red status bar on the display to stop the recording process.

Step 11 – You can access all recorded video in the Photos app and edit it like any other video file.

That’s all. Hopefully you found this tutorial use and don’t forge to share it with friends.

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